Top Tips for Landscaping Advertising

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Landscaping Advertising

Staying competitive in business is tough. When you own a landscaping business, it can be very competitive, indeed, in particular in a small community. You need to provide an excellent product and service and you need to stand behind that product and service.

The best landscaping advertising is the finished product and word of mouth.

But, you can’t have Mr. Jones running around town with pictures of his new back garden to spread the good word.

Or can you?

There are some very clever and effective ways to advertise your landscaping company to help you stay competitive and ahead in business. Even for those with a tight budget, you can still find ways to get your name and your business known.

Here are some great ideas on how to advertise your landscaping business.

Your Name Here :

Even if you are just starting out, you want your name to be visible. A brand logo on the vehicle, on your tee shirts or work uniform and you need signage. Some small signs that you can put up while you are working in someone’s yard is a great way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood.

It’s incredible how many people will see you working, walking or driving past and take note. If they like what they see, they are more likely to call you. If your neighbor is using the service, that is often a very good endorsement.

It works well while you are not at work, as well. If you are out for lunch in the neighborhood with your logo showing, people notice. They will be more likely to call you when you are already there.

Go Digital :

Developing an online presence is just the way of the world for advertising because that seems to be where the world is. But simply opening a Twitter account or sharing a picture of your work on Facebook won’t really generate much business or interest.

You need to be clever about how you use these platforms and consistent. There are potentially thousands of customers just waiting to hire your service, so let’s find them.

Use Humor :

People relate to humor, and we need a bit of a laugh during our day. You can find quotes, memes, cartoons, or even just funny experiences to share with your followers.

Funny pictures of you and your team at work are a great way to showcase your business.

Customer service is a huge part of the service you provide, so when people see you loving your work and sharing the fun, they respond.

People love to share on social media, and a little bit of fun and humor can add not only a little laugh to someone’s day, but it can drum up a great deal of interest for your business. It’s easy and free.

Make a Video :

Even a small video of you and your team at work showing highlights of some of the work you have done, such as fancy trimmed trees or flower beds, can be beneficial. Businesses that function as patio paver installers can benefit as well.

Videos are shared and watched by millions of people every day, so get yours out there. By making a fun, informative video, you can spread the word really quickly. People turn to their devices while riding transit, waiting for an appointment or simply tuning out their real world.

You can have a video professionally done, but for landscaping advertising, you have everything you need already. You can promote your name, your business and come up with fun and creative ways to best show off your work.

Incentives :

“Tag a friend.” We see that all the time on social media, but if you wonder why, it’s because it works. Tagging a friend who needs a good landscaper can generate a lot of business.

Adding an incentive for people to check out your services is another way to get people to call you. Discounts, free items, like a free potted plant or a percentage off for people who book within a certain time frame will not only generate business but give you a better idea of your methods are actually working.

People love to save money. If you are working in a neighborhood, ask your customer to recommend or rate you for a discount or additional service.

Word of Mouth :

Providing a great service and product is the best way to get your good name out there. People love to talk about a great deal they have found, but they also love to complain about bad service.

Reviews :

There is no shortage of online sites to rave or rant about your latest great or bad experience. It can be a great way for landscaping advertising to generate business. You can suggest your clients provide a review or recommendations online or just to their neighbors.

Nothing sells your service better than proof and a satisfied customer. In the digital age, when things go viral, it can be great or disastrous. But it is still free advertising, so use that wisely.

Listen to the Reviews :

Not all of your reviews will be positive, but that’s okay. We learn from our mistakes and we can never fix a problem if we don’t know it exists. Sort through the reviews for the constructive ones and really listen to what they are telling you.

Paid Landscape Advertising :

You can always buy advertising time, some of it isn’t terribly expensive. Small ads on social media can get noticed and not really cost a lot of money. They can be helpful in reaching a target audience.

Paid ads in local newspapers, newsletters, local television and radio spots or other local publications can also generate business and get your name and brand better known.

Having a blog included on a website, a sponsorship for a local fundraiser or charitable donation reaches a lot of people and can be a win-win situation, as you support the community and get business in return.

Cards and Flyers :

Good old fashioned business cards and flyers are still just as relevant today and they were twenty years ago. relevant and effective. They are inexpensive to produce and you can have complete control over how they look and where they get distributed.

They are a perfect way to get your name and business circulating around the neighborhoods and work surprisingly well. Not everyone is glued to their phone. The beauty of flyers is you can have the little tear away numbers at the bottom and place them around the community.

  • Place on poles, trees, and fences near the area you are working
  • On community bulletin boards close by
  • In local shop windows
  • Inserted into newspapers and other neighborhood publications
  • Delivered through the daily mail
  • In stores that sell gardening and landscaping products
  • In local restaurants and businesses that you frequent

The flyer and cards are a tangible item, so they are less likely to be ignored like an online ad. often, we pick them up and tuck them in our purse or pocket, to find later.

It works because it is still repeating your company and your service to the customer. Even if they use the flyer to write their grocery list on, it is still being seen repeatedly. That matters.

Community Involvement :

Landscaping is beautification to the customer but also the neighborhood at large. Getting involved with local community events can be one of the best ways to promote your business, have fun and actually make a difference.

There are many types of events throughout the summer months and just by being present can increase your company awareness. Offering services for fundraising, like silent auctions or a free service to the highest bidder, can really open doors.

Being active in your community builds trust and makes you part of the community. Building rapport without blatantly promoting your business is really important and oddly, still promoting your business, just in a kinder, softer way.

Directories :

There are plenty of free directories that you can join and have your service listed on. It’s a great way for people to find you and start to recognize your name. If they have seen you working in their neighborhood, they will remember you and be far more likely to call you.

The directories are great because they list you within your specialty and category, so when people are looking for landscapers, they will see your name. It is free to be listed on these directories, so get your name on as many as you can.

The Grass Is Always Greener :

Stand behind your service and your product. That is the best landscaping advertising. If there is a problem, you need to fix it and perhaps offer a free service for the future. Unhappy customers these days can make or break a new or small business.

Doing great work and providing great service will go a long way in advertising your business. If you have a very short season to get your name made and your service known, make the best of it.

Check out more tips on how to run a successful small business to help you find the best way forward.

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