5 Aspects Of Exhibiting To Consider When Having A Stand Built

by Advertising 30 January 2018


Many industries rely on exhibitions and other business events to make contact with new customers, and if you are planning to enter this type of arena, there are many things to consider. Selecting the right exhibitions can be a challenge, and then there’s the actual location of your stand, which can make a big difference to the level of response you enjoy, and with that in mind, here are a few factors one ought to take into account when having a stand at an exhibition or event.

1. The Stand Location:

Like anything else, the actual location of your stand is very important, and if possible, try to avoid anything near the rear of the hall. Typically, floor space has a range of prices, with the best spots costing a little more, and to be honest about it, you should invest in a prime spot, if you want optimum results.

2. The Stand Design:

 You will obviously have lots of competition, so you must make sure that your stand is head and shoulders above the rest, and with modular systems, you can design a unique stand that will reflect the quality of your products and service. If your business is UK based, Aspect Exhibitions specialist exhibition stand builders, are the people to contact, as they have both the experience and the resources to ensure a first-class design and build.

 3. Powerful Presentations:

 It isn’t enough to have a well-designed exhibition stand, and your products should be well-presented using video or PowerPoint, and with a professional sales team that will follow up every lead and quality printed media at hand, your company will get a return on investment. For those who would like some further reading on the importance of presentation in a business environment, there are several articles on the Internet on the subject.

 4. Making Connections:

Every business is looking to expand their connections, and having a stand at the best exhibitions will bring with it many advantages. It isn’t always immediate that new business arrives, as many people who attend exhibitions will take the business card of a company they might need in the future, and by asking all new customers how they discovered your company, you will get some valuable marketing data, which will allow you to analyze the many marketing approaches and identify the best performers.

 5. Professional Follow-Ups:

With the high cost of having a stand at an exhibition, you want to be sure to get the maximum benefit from the experience, and with a team of professional salespeople, you will hopefully receive orders as a direct result of having a stand at the exhibition.

It is always best to book very early when applying for floor space at an exhibition, and ideally, one of your team would highlight the best exhibitions of the year, and make provisional bookings as soon as possible. Regarding the stand itself, it really does pay to go upmarket and by sourcing an established provider with an impressive client list, you can be sure that your stand will be the one everyone is talking about.

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