How To Choose The Right Gift For That Special Someone?

by How to Guides 11 February 2022

Right Gift

Now that love is in the air, and Valentine’s week has started, the prevalence of this question is very common among the lovebirds.

Selecting a nice gift for your beloved is a daunting task since there is always a fog regarding their tastes and preferences. On the other hand, you can’t let them know that you are planning for a gift, how will it become a surprise then?

I know you are quite concerned as 14th Feb is almost around the corner. But worry not because we are here. Below are have jotted down some crucial points you need to remember while giving presents to your special person

How To Choose The Right Gift For That Special Someone?

Right Gift

1. Think Practical

Not every gift for that special someone needs to have deep sentimental meaning attached – and often, the gifts that are received most warmly are those which serve a practical purpose or eliminate a need without your loved one having to part with their own money.

A high-quality item that empirically improves their life in some form is an excellent way to show you care about them.

An electric toothbrush is a great example of something that thoughtfully fulfills a need in this way, as the recipient would no longer need to spend money on toothbrushes.

Likewise, small kitchen devices such as smoothie makers, immersion blenders, or even an Amazon Alexa device are great practical gifts.

Another benefit to household devices like these is that they are easily purchased on the high street, opening you up to saving money with possible discounts. For example, NHS workers can make the most of Argos NHS discounts to purchase the perfect practical present at a reduced rate.

2. Gifts with Longevity

Right Gift

Somewhat relatedly to the idea of the practical gift, another great way to your loved one’s heart on a special occasion is via a gift that literally keeps on giving. A great example would be something like a high-quality chef’s knife.

The difference between the average kitchen knife and a £100+ chef’s knife is night and day, and the quality of the blade will ensure it not only stays sharper longer but will also last longer with proper care.

Another less utilitarian long-term gift could come in the form of a houseplant. Whatever the size, a houseplant can brighten up a room and last for years, given the right care and attention. They can also serve as a constant reminder to the recipient that you care deeply for them.

3. The Personal Touch

‘It’s the thought that counts are a popular saying for a reason. Too much worry can go into finding the right gift, potentially distracting you from the point of giving the right gift in the first place!

If you’re struggling for inspiration with useful or long-lasting gifts, simply ask yourself what you know about your special someone.

Do they have a preference for a particular kind of flowers or a specific kind of chocolate or sweet? A well-placed order of a fresh bouquet or a special order of their favorite treat can be an incredibly meaningful gift that also demonstrates that you know them well.

You could also provide that personal touch in a more overt way. Personalized gifts are more popular than ever before, and with more outlets offering personalization, you could create the ultimate personalized gift – whether a mug with a photo of them on it or a bespoke bar of chocolate with their name piped onto the front.


We know that Santa is the best when it comes to picking the right gifts. However, following the steps above, you can be even better than Santa. The tactics we mentioned should be enough to make your special one feel “more special” on the lovers’ day.

Drop your queries in the comment area below. We can’t wait to hear you out.

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