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by How to Guides 05 November 2021

California cruising

As Kenneth Grahame quite rightly observed in his classic novel, The Wind in the Willows, there is no greater pleasure than simply messing about in California cruising boats. Perhaps you enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with the foam and spray of speed on the water. Or maybe you prefer the calming endorphins released by the gentle lapping of ripples against a more luxurious hull. 

Approximately four million boaters enjoy the broad range of experiences that are offered by the variety of aquatic environments in California.

4 Reasons For Selecting The California Cruising

5 Reasons For Selecting The California Cruising

The Kern River, for instance, provides a challenge worthy of the most ardent thrill seeker. From its source in the Sierra Nevada mountains, this one hundred and sixty-five-mile-long torrent rushes headlong to the Sequoia National Forest.

How to enjoy California cruising? Here are the reasons why you must select the California Cruising read through it.

1. Stay Safe

Any mariner who has successfully reached an age that has furnished them with an experience worth learning from will tell you that safety is paramount when taking on such wild waters. 

In fact, any form of  California cruising boating, even at a more leisurely pace, is best enjoyed with the peace of mind that comes with a good grounding in safe practice. 

With this in mind, California’s boating and waterways authority now require mariners to carry a license. Don’t be daunted by this, however, as it can be quickly and easily obtained if you Take your CA boating test on

2. Leisure And Luxury

2. Leisure And Luxury

Your new license is not just a ticket to the terrifying. The profoundly liberating freedom of life on the water can take any form you wish. From one of the many marinas of San Francisco Bay, for instance, you can launch your dreams along with your California cruising vessel of luxury. 

From the sublime elegance and grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge to the enticing horizon, your new realm of relaxation is almost limitless.

When do you think about a cruiser? What comes first into your mind? A beautiful deck, spa, and sunbath? The California cruising lines combine everything in a single place and present you with a very glittery and bright time.

3. Cruising The Coast

If, however, the calm of coastal California cruising is more your thing, an exploration of the waters of Newport Beach is sure to delight the lover of leisurely drifting. This famed venue for sunset cruises has plenty of features for days of exploration and nights of warm hospitality. 

California’s cost is full of adventure. And every day in summer there are some parties on the beach. You will get the time to spend your night under the clear blue starry sky of California. And feel how the dark waves are slowly hitting the coast.

Spend a day of discovery among the islands that lie just off the beaches, or enjoy the still waters of the sheltered coves. When the weariness of evening means you’d like a night off from the galley, the harbor boardwalk offers up a plethora of restaurants to suit any taste.

4. Loving The Lakes

4. Loving The Lakes

It’s possible, of course, that neither rushing rivers nor the sea swell are the watery worlds that appeal to you. For true peace and serenity, there can be few places on Earth as deeply relaxing as the calm waters of a lake. 

Floating in that liminal space, between still water and the infinite sky it reflects, can be the perfect escape from the hard work that earned you this privilege and the ultimate tonic for the soul.

Clear Lake, North of San Francisco, is just such a place. Its warm waters are safe to swim in and rich with fish to stock the galley. California cruising lines routes are pretty impressive. When you are going through the present tour map of the vessel, you will see how the lakes are gone and covered in the map.


Ducks, bald eagles, and blue heron with whom you’ll be sharing the plentiful stock of largemouth bass provide excellent wildlife spotting, as do the deer and mountain lions on the shore. So, whatever your nautical taste, the waters of California will bring joy to both youthful and ancient mariners alike. So if you like to feel the real Californian coast vibes go for the California cruising and enjoy your whole trip.

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