Women’s Guide on How to Choose the First Motorcycle

by Automotive 06 June 2018

Women Motorcycle

Now that you have learned all the basics of motorcycle riding, going through a safety course, stocked your safety gear and you have now decided to take up the challenge and buy your first motorcycle. This article will take you through some of the most important points when buying your first motorcycle. Let me begin with the things you need to put into consideration before buying a motorcycle.

Do Not Overestimate the Ability You Possessive:

The most common mistake that newbies make while buying a motorcycle is getting a machine whose performance is far more than they can handle. Keep off from crotch rockets especially a machine whose engine is greater than 600cc. It’s wise to begin your learning from a slower bike before you can upgrade slowly. In fact, most women prefer such machines even after honing their skills and gaining enough experience. Only upgrade when you are sure that you can appreciate the speed of a more powerful machine.

Recognize Your Needs:

Will you be riding your motorcycle on roads that are characterized by lots of traffic? You may also be traveling over long distances. Motorcycles come in several shapes and sizes and you need to put your individual needs into consideration as you choose one.  Think about how the riding will affect your experience. Some sexy bikes that seem to be uncomfortable are just good for a weekend toy. It will be easy to choose your bike once you identify your needs. Your specific needs will also help you in choosing other accessories like women’s motorcycle helmets and jackets.

Understand the Options You Have:

Bikes are becoming more specialized today than ever before. In addition, the proliferation of various types of bikes provides a broad range of options that can either be daunting or empower. As you interact with the various types of motorcycles, you may develop exclusive likes and dislikes and this will get you a step closer to making the right decision.

Select a Bike That Fits Your Body:

Just like other accessories like women’s motorcycle jackets, you obviously need a bike that will fit your body type. There are as many sizes and shapes of bikes in the market as are human bodies. Take various bikes for a spin as you try their size and shape. You will discover that the ergonomic riding experience differs from one bike to another. You may discover that a sports bike that you thought was quite cool is straining your wrists and causing a lot of discomfort. Also, the manageable center of gravity and low seat of the cruiser may win you over but you may not know until you try one of the sizes.

New or Used Bikes:

There are several tradeoffs that are associated with both used and new bikes. In fact, there is no single ‘right choice’ and it exclusively depends on your individual preferences and budget constraint. New bikes are more reliable but you will have to pay more for them. However, used bikes are an excellent choice for beginners because you will have fewer worries about damaging a machine that is in perfect shape. Used bikes cost less because they have already depreciated and may not be as reliable as new ones.

Consider Your Budget in the Long Term:

As you buy a motorcycle, remember to estimate the additional expenses that come with the riding. Check the insurance rates that different carriers offer and select a plan that is within your budget. Higher deductibles normally translate into lower premiums.

You may also need to budget for safety gear. Go through motorcycle jackets for sale and other accessories like gloves, helmets, and pants. You will discover that some of them will add a substantial amount of cost to the purchase price. Also, check on the routine maintenance cost that can vary from one brand to another.

It can be quite tempting to make a rash decision but try to avoid this. It’s an exciting endeavor to buy your first motorcycle but doesn’t allow the heat of the moment to sweep you away. In case you see a bike and find yourself falling in love with it, be keen you will enjoy riding it once the thrill fades. Also, allow a qualified mechanic to check out any used bike before you buy. Read a lot about the model you want to but to reduce the chances of regretting it after making the purchase.

In summary, its passion that drives an individual to buy a motorcycle. It’s good to choose a machine that will excite you in addition to all the issues that you have to consider. Most professionals advise newbies to buy a sensible motorbike so as not to regret their decision.

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