What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field?

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what companies are in the consumer services field

What companies are in the consumer services field? – There are a variety of companies that are present in the field of consumer services. In the United States itself, there are more than 450K companies in consumer services. The major industries that come under consumer services include hospitality, health, retail, and education.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular companies that are in the consumer services field. Not only are they popular, but they also have a significant grasp of the market as well. Furthermore, we will also discuss whether consumer services pose job opportunities in the recent future. Hence, to get fully informed, read on through to the end of the article.

Consumer Services Field – What Is It?

Consumer Services Field – What Is It

The consumer services field includes different businesses that provide different services to individual consumers as per their needs and demands. Depending on the services, years, and location, the size of a business in the consumer services field can vary a lot. However, all businesses have a common goal, which is to provide services that meet the needs and demands of individual consumers.

Furthermore, in the consumer services field, an individual consumer might not be a direct purchaser of the offerings of the company, as in the case of customer services. However, the consumers are surely the end users of the services offered.

According to Entrepreneur.com, “Consumer services can include everything from grocery stores and restaurants to car dealerships and healthcare providers. To succeed, people in consumer services must identify the needs of their target market and design a service that meets those needs.”

A consumer services company can fall into one of many categories. Consumer services include services in the retail industry, the leisure and hospitality industry, restaurants, transportation, tourism, healthcare, social services, and education. Consumer services basically include services that are offered to consumers as per their needs or the ones to resolve an issue of an existing customer.

Is The Consumer Services Field Have Job Opportunities

Is The Consumer Services Field Have Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities for growth in the consumer services field if you get a job in the right position with the right skill. Based on your skills and job role, you can offer different types of services for the benefit of the consumers. If the consumers of the brand are happy, it helps the brand to grow with increased popularity and brand awareness.

According to Technology.org, “the most common jobs in the consumer services industry in the U.S. include receptionists (around 1.7 million positions), account managers (more than 1 million positions), call center representatives (more than 400 thousand jobs), accommodation services (nearly 500 thousand jobs). Technical support engineers (approximately 350 thousand positions), and technical support engineers (also around 350 thousand jobs).”

Apart from that, the salaries in the consumer services field are also varied. However, the average salary in consumer services is currently $51,804 plus additional pay. The pay also depends on the skills, education, and experience of the representative. The earnings and stable, and there are paid leaves as well as health insurance available.

On the other hand, depending on seasons, and market demands, a job in the consumer services field can also be hectic as well. It can get really stressful and demanding. However, due to various perks, and good results from time to time, job satisfaction in the consumer services field is also high.

What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field?

With the rise in the level of digitization, most operations in the consumer services field have become IT-centric. The services include offerings as per the processes, outcomes, and experiences of the customers. The following are the major companies that are popular in the consumer services field:

1. Amazon

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This is one of the biggest companies as well as one of the biggest employers in the world. This is because Amazon has a very big customer base, not just in the United States but also across the world. There are roles for customer service associates to managers roles. You can apply as per your skills and experiences.

2. Bank Of America

Bank Of America
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Despite being a bank, it has an employee count of 208,000. This financial institution offers services related to banking, assets management, investment, risk management, and many more. According to its official website, “Bank of America serves individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, and large corporations.” It has more than 68 million customers and 56 million digital users. If you want a consumer service job, then it is a great place to apply.

3. McDonald’s

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This is probably the biggest fast-food chain in the world, and this company has a workforce size of 200,000 employees. It works as per the franchise model. Being a restaurant, as well as a delivery service, it has a variety of jobs available. If you are looking to join consumer services, joining McDonald’s at the start will give you a good idea of the restaurant industry.

4. Pfizer

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This is one of the leading pharmaceutical brands in the world and employs a lot of people from a variety of fields. Be its customer service or a skilled pharmaceutical job, and there are a variety of options for growth, provided you have the right skills and experiences.

5. Fiverr 


Fiverr helps in connecting freelancers to businesses. Furthermore, the company also provides various digital services in the market. Hence, if you are passionate about offering consumer services, especially related to tech and creativity, then you can apply for a job of your choice at Fiverr.

Summing Up  

What companies are in the consumer services field? – We hope that you have found your answer in the article. We have provided information about some of the most popular companies in the consumer services field and the ones that have a huge market base in the United States. The companies that are mentioned here are of diverse nature, and each of them belongs to different sectors and offers different services. Do you know of any other popular company that is present in the consumer services field? Share some knowledge with us in the comments section below.

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