Why Become An Independent Freight Agent

by Job & Career 11 August 2023

Freight Agent

The freight industry is the backbone of America’s vast supply chain.

Every day, freight travels across the nation’s roads bringing goods and raw materials to stores and businesses from cost to cost. Large trucks traveling on interstate highways are so common you likely barely even notice them. Without such freight shipping, however, your local community or city would not have access to the wide assortment of goods and products you now enjoy.

The freight industry is essential and always looking for skilled employees to serve in many roles. If you’ve worked in the industry before or are looking for a new career, becoming an independent freight agent could be a good move for your career.

Six Reasons To Become An Independent Freight Agent

Here are some of the advantages being an independent freight agent offers.

1. Easy Barrier To Entry: 

Many desirable professions require specific licensing or college education to enter. If you are looking to change your career, you may not have the time or resources to go back to school. An advantage of being an independent freight agent is that there are no formal educational requirements.

While an education and relevant job experience are certainly useful, they do not bar you from the industry. The key skills you need are the ability to learn about the industry if you are new to it, make good use of your skills, and build relationships to create a client and future customer list. With dedication and hard work, you can build a career.

2. Low Overhead: 

When becoming an independent freight agent you are not alone and have the support of the freight company you became an agent with. That means you don’t have to set up a specialized system to do your job as they help with a lot of the tools needed for daily activity. All you need is a phone, computer, and internet connection. This can all easily be set up in a small home office when starting. Over time, you can add more advanced features and tools as your business grows.

3. Be Your Own Boss: 

A lot of people dream of being their own boss and being an independent agent lets you do that. You control when you work and how you do it. If you want to work later in the day, the option is there, as is starting your work day bright and early. You can also work from a home office or rent professional space if you prefer to leave the house. No matter how you want to approach your work as an independent agent, you make the rules.

4. Flexibility: 

Sometimes you may have to leave work early, respond to emergencies, or you just want to go on vacation. As an independent agent, you can be very flexible in how you work so you can meet your lifestyle needs or respond to family responsibilities. The ability to change your schedule to better meet the needs of your personal life is one reason many people become independent agents.

5. You Can Work From Anywhere: 

As an independent agent, you can work from nearly anywhere with a laptop, cellphone, and internet connection, such as WiFi or a cellular hotspot. This expands your work area beyond a home office or business office space.

6. A Chance For High Earnings: 

As an independent agent, you have the opportunity to grow your own business and continue increasing your overall profits and growing your professional networks. Often your limits are only based on the amount of work you are willing to do.

Becoming an independent freight agent provides you with the many benefits of being your own boss and taking greater control of your working life. You also get to build your new career in a very important industry that offers many avenues for success.

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