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In an era of technological progress and high competition, companies must find different ways to stand out from others. One of these ways is to create a recognizable brand.

The first contact of consumers with the brand of the company occurs through various elements of visual identification, including the logo.

By creating a good logo, the company can not only successfully enter the market, but also stand out from the competition for a long time. However, it is worth remembering that the choice of a logo is a long-term decision, so the logo must be carefully considered and planned. Nothing can be random here, not even individual details.

The logo should visually identify a particular organization. The consumer clearly distinguishes this product from the products of competitors and makes his choice in favor of a particular product. When developing a logo, it is important to take into account such points as the fundamental provisions and ideas of the company’s activities.

For example, companies involved in the provision of funeral services do not use bright colors in their logos, since such a color scheme does not correspond to the nature of the circumstances. And vice versa, organizations such as kindergartens, and entertainment companies do not use dark, gloomy shades in the visualization of their brands, but take bright, saturated colors as much as possible.

How To Make A Logo Online

Make A Logo Online

There are many different ways to make a logo. One of them is to order development in a design bureau. You come to an advertising company, state the essence of the activities of your organization, express your wishes and the designer brings them to life.

Often there is neither time nor sufficient funds to order a logo from professional designers, especially if you are just starting out. Much depends on current needs, financial capabilities, and development time.

Those who need to make a logo quickly and at no extra cost can do it themselves, online. This can be done by a special logo designer, for example, through the Turbologo service. It is suitable for designing both simple designs and more complex logos that can compete with even some popular brands.

To make a logo online, you do not need to have special knowledge or experience with design applications. You also don’t have to worry about using incompatible colors or fonts – Turbologo will select all the necessary elements and offer you ready-made combinations to choose from. You only need to enter the name of your company, choose an approximate color scheme, as well the elements you like from the library. In just a few minutes you will have a ready-made logo.

The Turbologo service offers both paid and free solutions that include basic functions. At the same time, you can not limit yourself to one option – the system will offer many creative solutions that are radically different from each other.

Once you have decided on the design, you can make some customizations or changes to it, and then download the finished layout. Please note that downloading high-resolution vector files and logos may incur additional fees. Also, this option will allow you to edit your logo for several months.

How to make a logo in Turbologo (steps)

1. Open the Turbologo.com service page

2. In the fields that open, enter the name of the company, slogan, and field of activity.

3. Choose a color scheme that is close to your brand.

4. Choose the right icon for your logo.

5. Click the View Logos button.

6. The Turbologo-generated logos will appear in a new window, each of which you can save and edit.


The main advantage of Turbologo and other online logo makers is the ability to make your own logo quickly and for free.

If you don’t like the design, you can immediately start working on creating another one. In the process of creative inspiration, you can achieve amazing results and even create advertising masterpieces.

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