Wave Live Wallpapers: A Unique Way To Customize Your Smartphone

by How to Guides 01 February 2023

Wave Live Wallpapers

We all want our smartphones to reflect our personalities and moods, but making that happen is not always easy.

Wave Live Wallpapers offer an amazing way for users to customize their devices with beautiful wallpapers and make them unique. Let us dig deep and learn more about this amazing app for your smartphone.

What Are Wave Live Wallpapers?

What Are Wave Live Wallpapers

Wave Live Wallpapers is a free app available on the Play Store that provides users with a wide collection of premium live wallpapers plus customization effects.

It also has a built-in live wallpaper creator, with 3D, AI-generated art features and HQ vivid designs optimized for battery use. Check out a short video to learn more about its live wallpapers here.

1. Highlights of Wave Live Wallpapers

The highlights of this app include its Battery Smart HQ designer-made live wallpapers. Compared to older versions of animated phone wallpapers, these don’t run in the background, being optimized for battery life.

Wave designs are specialized in mechanical themed & 3D modeled digital art, offering vivid art in various forms such as parallax 2D & 3D, video, live 3D interactive by double tap or touch (suitable for both home screen & lock screen or just the home screen).

Moreover, it has a powerful ‘Live Wallpaper Maker’ tool, which allows you to create your wallpapers with AI art, 3D photos, video, boomerang, slideshow, and parallax. This feature is easy to use by anyone, and design or technical knowledge is not necessary.

2. Creative Community Challenges & GEMS Currency System

The app also hosts an active, creative community that publishes thousands of new designs monthly in the wavesome gallery. Users can participate in themed challenges to get featured in the Top Wallpapers section and earn gems.

GEMS is Wave’s in-app currency for accessing premium content or unlocking wallpapers, available as a 3000 GEMS pack or a Premium subscription with an ad-free experience.

3. Themes & Creativity

Wave aims to inspire users and make them feel good using beautifully crafted wallpapers that give life to their smartphones. The app provides a variety of themes among some of the most popular for aesthetic lovers all over the world.

Worthy mentions are technology, mechanical, sci-fi & fantasy landscapes; urban scenes; nature & animals; traveling; sports; animations; love abstract & chromatics; glitter fashion; food; luxury goods; games; celebrations, and Pride. Check out the app and explore the diversity of wallpapers available for free!

4. Pricing & Easy Ways to Earn GEMS

GEMS is Wave Live Wallpaper’s in-app currency, available in a 3000 GEMS pack or premium subscription for an ad-free experience. Users can earn GEMS by watching interest-based ads, entering and voting in the Challenges section, winning Lucky Spins, and opening Mystery Boxes, or using FREE GEMS codes announced on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


Wave Live Wallpapers is a great app for those who want to customize their smartphones with beautiful wallpapers and make them unique!

It offers premium live wallpapers with customization effects and a powerful ‘Live Wallpaper Maker’ tool, allowing users to easily create their wallpapers with AI art, 3D photos, video, boomerang, slideshow, and parallax features.

Moreover, it provides an easy way to earn GEMS by entering & voting in the Challenges section, Lucky Spin, Mystery Boxes, and FREE GEMS codes announced on social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook. So why wait? Download Wave Live Wallpaper for free from the Play Store and get started!

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