Things To Do Before Designing A Company Logo

by Business Planning 17 March 2020

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Things to Do Before Designing a Company Logo

The company logo is a representation of what your company stands for. It’s crucial to the success of your business. People need to remember your business when they see the logo. Therefore, you have to pay extra attention to the details before you start designing the logo. These are some of the essential steps to take before doing the logo.

Go back to the company’s history 

You can think about the origins of the business and find something meaningful in it. Usually, logos contain elements that symbolize the history of the business, or what it went through before getting to where it is now. You can use it as inspiration as you select the symbols to include in the company logo.

Find the most relevant colors 

You can also think about the colors that mean a lot to your business, or you usually use. This color needs to be everywhere for easy recall. You can choose colors that are suitable for your target audience. For instance, if you’re reaching out to teenagers, a splash of bright color might be an excellent idea. However, if you’re trying to attract adults in the corporate world, you need neutral and formal-looking tones. Again, the color is also a representation of your brand, so it requires careful consideration.

Determine the number of elements 

The logo needs to be simple but meaningful. It helps if you decide the number of elements to include in it. Try to include everything that matters to your business, but don’t overwhelm the logo. Otherwise, it will look crowded and difficult to understand. You might also use the logo in the packaging of some products. Considering how small some of them are, the overwhelming number of elements might not be visible anymore.

Look at what your competitors have

You can also check the logos of companies in the same industry. Given that you’re offering the same products or services, you might end up with the same elements in the company logo. It’s a risk because you don’t want to confuse your target audience. They might think that you run the same business. Instead of getting more potential buyers, they end up going to your competitors.

Apart from your competitors, you can also look at other existing logos. You can get inspiration from them. Some of these companies have smart ways of including the name of the business in the logo.

After doing these things, you will end up with a beautiful logo. You can come up with different designs and see what works. You can also ask those who work with you. They understand what the company stands for, and they might also have ideas regarding the logo.

Once you finish the design, you can put it to a vote. You want everyone in the team to feel ownership of your logo.

To make it easier for you to deal with the design, you can partner with a London logo design agency. They can help hasten the process, and they understand what makes logos effective.

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