Three Simple Steps To Take When Something Valuable Has Been Flushed

by How to Guides 09 September 2021

Flushed Something Valuable

At some point it happens to most people in life, they drop, something into the toilet, and it becomes too late to realize till when they already have flushed something valuable. The only question is whether you realize before you flush and how valuable is it?

If it’s before you flush then you can put gloves on and reach into the toilet to retrieve it. Of course, if you are talking about a cell phone then it is probably damaged beyond repair. But, if you are rescuing your wedding ring it can save you a lot of hassle.

You will need to wash and disinfect it before you slide it back on your finger.

However, if you have already flushed something valuable, you need to take the following three simple steps as quickly as possible.

1. Call The Experts When You’ve Flushed Something Valuable

1. Call The Experts When You've Flushed Something Valuable

The best idea is to call your local emergency plumber, they not only come in to prevent your kitchen frozen pipe from bursting but also can stand out in solving such cases as well. Tell them what has happened. They will be able to advise how quickly they can get to you and they have specialized equipment that means you have a good chance of being able to retrieve the item.

This is definitely the best bet. But, if you can’t wait or the plumber can’t get to you for a while, there are several things you can do to recover the item of value.

2. Avoid Using More Water 

Avoid Using More Water 

From the moment the flush has been pulled approximately 4.5 liters of water have gone down the toilet to the valuable things that got flushed into the waste system, this could be enough to take your valuable item into the main sewers and be gone forever.

That’s why it is essential that you don’t flush again or let your flushed something valuable(basically, ornaments) along with more water to go into any of the drains in your home.

At this stage, a piece of wire and gloves can be used to check around the opening at the base of the toilet. If the flush wasn’t complete it is possible the flushed item is just out of sight and can be pulled back.

3. Remove The Toilet

Remove The Toilet

This procedure can be another refulgent way to get back if you have flushed something valuable. You can remove the toilet yourself surprisingly easily. You’ll need to shut the water supply off to the toilet and then drain the inside of the cistern, without letting the water go into the toilet. A cup or siphon works well for this.

Once drained you can remove the bolts at the bottom of the cistern, this joins the cistern to the bowl. Lift it carefully aside and then undo the bolts holding the toilet to the ground.

You’ll then be able to separate the toilet from the waste pipe. Be careful and have a bowl under the join, there will be some wastewater that spills out.

You can then carefully tip the toilet onto its side and catch the water in a bowl. Inspect the bowl, the toilet, and the waste pipe to see if you can see the valuable item you have lost.

In many cases, this is sufficient to help you locate it. However, if you can’t, the professionals will use cameras to check the waste pipe, you may still be lucky!

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