What Makes A Perfect Business Logo: Design Experts Weigh In

by Business Published on: 04 August 2021 Last Updated on: 07 August 2021

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n case you are asked to explain how great your company is with a thousand words, what will you say? Luckily you do not need to do that because your logo will do that on your behalf. So, the actual question is, what do you want your logo to say about your brand?

In an instant, logos explain what you do, who you are, and also how your brand feels. Your audiences will experience your brand depending on the shape, color, typography, and other design elements. Take advantage of online logo design tools that will give you creative and memorable ideas to help you stand out and grow your business.

What Makes A Perfect Business Logo

What Makes A Perfect Business Logo

So, when you design your logo in the right way, your audiences will fall in love at first sight. But the more vital question is, how do you make a perfect business logo? That is when the modern logo comes into the scene, offering you the best logo designs.

Here, in this article, I will tell you about the most important characteristics that almost every successful brand logo has in common.

1. The Right Shape

Graphic design is nothing but visual communication. The basic art of crafting a logo is all about what you want to say and which specific visual has the potential of saying that. Certain images, along with the shape of the logo, evoke certain feelings and emotions.

As per the science behind graphic design, all you are required to know is that every shape stands for a totally different characteristic. So, you need to match the shape of your logo to the characteristics you wish your brand to display.

Here is a chart for your better understanding of what the shape of your logo represents as one of your brandings.

Shape Displaying Characteristics
Vertical lines Command, success, and prosperity.
Horizontal lines Reliability, calm, and stability.
Sharp angles and spikes Edgy, aggressive, offbeat, and gritty.
Squares and rectangles Trustworthiness, security, and efficiency.
Triangles Dominance, authority, and leadership.
Curvy lines Intriguing, relaxing, and playful.
Circles and ovals Inviting, casual, and inviting.

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2. The Right Colors

Just like the shape of your logo, every color also represents a different emotional connotation. Most of the time, all these meanings are quite universal, as they are totally based on the things that we see in our regular life.

For example, the color of blood, Red, indicates the feelings of alertness and urgency. Again the color of trees and wood Brown evokes land and nature. And of course, the color Yellow is associated with the warmth of sunshine. Colors also have specific cultural associations.

3. The Right Business Cues

Designing cues, which will relate to your particular business can assist in conveying information really fast. The best thing is that they can differ between easy-to-miss subtly and, of course, smack-on-the-head bluntness.

To make it more enhanced, you can think of adding “dog whistle” cues, which only can be understood by your target audiences. For example, the logo of RhythmVille uses a font that is easily recognized by most musicians.

4. The Right Typography

The Right Typography

All types of visuals have the potential to influence the vibe and mood of your logo. That is obvious for all the images in a logo. But it is also applicable to typography. The look of your texts in your logo can leave an effective impact on people’s perception of your brand.

All the visual choices in text fall under the category of typography. In addition to your font name and text size, some other details like format, weight, boldness, serifs, texture, and the way you use the bottom line of L for underlining the rest of a word, play a significant role.

Bottom Line

In addition to all the above-mentioned points, your logo’s trends, size, and tone are also very impactful. In short, you have to be really very careful with minute details when you are designing a logo for your brand. Your logo should represent the essence of your business to your audiences.

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