How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Scale Your Business

by Business Development Published on: 28 May 2021 Last Updated on: 29 May 2021

Virtual Assistant Can Help Scale Your Business

A virtual assistant (VA) can help you keep up with your business needs, but they can also help you scale your business to levels you’d be unable to achieve on your own.

Contrary to popular belief, virtual assistants can perform more than just common administrative work. Some VAs are specialized, some can take over mundane tasks, and others are jacks-of-all-trades to help you wherever your business needs.

Before hiring a VA, figure out your needs and the characteristics or experience level you want in your assistant.

Discover how VAs can free up your time, improve your processes, and ultimately scale your business.

Free Up Time for Core Team Members:

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a VA is the extra time core team members will save.

In many cases — mostly at small businesses — the in-house team will consist of a few people who do many things. When there are too many tasks to be done and not enough people to complete them, things get missed and clients get overlooked. This can harm your reputation and cause friction with clients.

If those issues sound familiar, it might be the perfect time to hire virtual assistant services.

A VA can help scale your business by letting your core team do what they do best — bring in leads, tend to current clients, focus on making processes more efficient, conduct client meetings, and much more.

Level Up Customer Service:

Customer service inquiries and responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming at any sized business.

Some owners think that customer service only involves answering angry questions and conducting damage control, but that isn’t the case.

Customer service also includes answering prospect calls — a vital part of increasing your sales.

Many prospects get in touch via phone, email, or online chat before purchasing from you. If someone is not there to answer their call, you’ll likely lose the sale.

A simple way to fix this issue is to hire a VA. Virtual assistants can answer incoming calls and emails and respond to all inquires promptly.

Make Sales Calls:

Along with answering inbound inquiries and issues, a VA can also make outbound calls to help your sales team bring in more leads.

When someone else is helping bring in leads, your salesperson can focus more on selling prospects instead of cold calling; this is often a more effective use of their time.

Getting mundane and time-consuming tasks off your sales team’s plate will leave them better focused on current prospects and nurturing warm leads.

Take Over Personal Tasks:

For owners and managers, a big struggle in growing a business is balancing work and personal life.

If you’re overworked, hiring a VA to manage your personal and work calendars will alleviate stress and make your life easier.

There are always personal tasks that need to be done, like picking up dry cleaning, getting a car wash, and remembering dinner plans. When you can offload these tasks and reminders to someone else, you can focus on more crucial tasks that affect the business directly.

Handle Marketing Efforts:

How are you going to grow the business if you’re not implementing marketing or advertising efforts?

At smaller companies, marketing efforts tend to get overlooked when no designated person is handling them.

A virtual assistant can help with marketing efforts like posting on social media, running your paid ads, writing blog posts, and writing other copy — just make sure you look at their portfolio and check that they have the proper skills before hiring them.

Create Processes:

Many people think virtual assistant tasks are limited, but virtual assistants often have an array of specialized skills.

You can find virtual assistants to help streamline your processes and procedures. They’re able to set up a CRM system, automate your processes, and much more.

Before setting them loose, though, make sure they have the required experience for the tasks you want help with.

Is a Virtual Assistant Right for You?

Before hiring any virtual assistant, make sure to vet them and get recommendations from past employers.

If you’re in a specialized niche, hire someone who has experience in the area so you don’t waste time training someone on your industry’s nuances and procedures.

A competent and experienced VA can help scale your business in many ways. They can take over mundane tasks, free up time for your core team, and improve your processes.

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