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by Business 23 December 2020

virtual personal assistant

My clients say things like ‘lifesaver’ and thank me for my support. Only yesterday I received a card thanking me for my help and they ‘would not have got through the year without me’.

It’s A Relationship Thing

For me it’s a relationship; a team approach. I want to learn all about you and your business so I can help – in such ways as:

  • Signpost you
  • Suggest stuff
  • Take stuff off your to-do list
  • Project manage such things as website moves
  • Research such things as a training course for your apprentice
  • Arrange your ‘online’ Christmas cheese and wine party and deliver to Europe, with vegan options
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Create clarity on your next projects/steps
  • Celebrate and commiserate with you

Working with a VPA is about having a side-kick, a confident, an action-taker, and sometimes, a bum-kicker. Someone to lean on, someone that will encourage you, support you, and help you to succeed – whatever that looks like to you.

Work On The Things You Are Passionate About

Growing your business with a VA gives you an extra pair of hands, another brain so you can half your to-do list and get more done. It gives you time to explore your passion and build a business that you enjoy, every single day.

A VPA comes with skills, training, experience, and above all is a business owner too so you definitely get more than ‘just a personal assistant’.

The skills of a virtual personal assistant are vast and can be transferred into many businesses, many sectors, and over many miles and hours.

The most important thing about my work – is you!

Tailoring A Service To Your Clients Needs

According to Michelle Poole from Virtual Hand “Business owners are all individuals so our service is individual. If working online is best for you, if weekly calls allow you to empty your brain or if the email is the best way to communicate – that’s what we do, for you.”

So, everyone’s experience and view of working with a VPA could look very different. It’s the relationship; are you matched in both temperament, working hours, values, and outlook? Finding the perfect one for you may take some time – but I’d say a worthwhile use of your time and you will reap the rewards for many years to come.

Make Sure You Work With Someone With The Skillset You Need

Identifying what sort of person you’d work best with (or not) and what skills and experience are needed. These are your first questions and you can then cast your net, ask for recommendations (from people you trust) and speak to them, ask questions and see if you ‘click’ or like the sound/look of them.

I do hope this has given you some ideas to help you with your decision to seek out a VPA

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