Trips to Chernobyl: 5 astounding facts about Chernobyl tragedy

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Trips to Chernobyl

The events which took place on the 26th of April, 1986 are some of the most horrible in the history of nuclear power. This year is the 35th anniversary of the catastrophe that took the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Trips to Chernobyl were and remain to be one of the most interesting entertainments for the visitors of Ukraine. Every year both foreigners and Ukrainians come here to see history alive and plunge into this majestic, for someone frightening, atmosphere. What do you know about Chernobyl Trips?

Here’s an interesting selection of facts about Chernobyl that you probably didn’t know before!

1. Flora and Fauna mutation:

Someone might imagine animals with three heads or all sorts of anomalies caused by mutation from radiation. However, in fact, most animals look very similar to other Ukrainian species, although their DNA has been altered. Plants have also suffered from the disaster.

Luckily, today, Chernobyl’s nature begins to flourish and recover. You can admire the beauty of the modern Exclusion Zone by going on Trips to Pripyat Ukraine.

2. Three people prevented a catastrophic steam explosion:

2. Three people prevented a catastrophic steam explosion:

The three men, also known as the “suicide squad”, committed the heroic deed that saved Europe from an explosion that could have rendered the European continent uninhabitable for thousands of years.

Sometime after the 1st explosion on the 4th power unit, there was a danger of a second accident. It’s a historical fact that 3 males volunteered to dive into the contaminated pool of water to find drain valves.

Their initiative was considered a suicide mission and almost impossible because they had to detect the valves in total darkness. Surprisingly, but somehow they managed to do this and, even more, these men also survived. The names of the 3 heroes are Alexey Ananenko, Valery Bespalov and Boris Baranov. Two of them are still alive. Try Chernobyl Trips and you will be aware of the full story of their heroic deed!

3. The information which was hidden from the public:

Here you may find some striking numbers that will definitely shock you:

  • More than 30 thousand people died as a result of the Chernobyl accident.
  • Nearly 7 million people have suffered from abnormal radiation levels and continue to experience its consequences.
  • The actual rate of radiation after the first explosion was 15,000 Gr. The maximum indicator there today is 10,000 less. Hence, visiting Trips to Chernobyl is a completely safe activity nowadays.
  • The power unit still holds about 200 tons of radioactive particles.

4. There exists a rare type of mushroom that feeds on radiation:

Actually, a radiotrophic fungus grows in the area of Chernobyl. There are three known species of melanin-containing fungi that use radiation to grow.

It was first discovered in 1991, and further research was carried out at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. By making Trips to Pripyat you will be able to discover more information about this phenomenon with the help of your guides.

5. The most interesting data about Trips to Pripyat Ukraine:

There are several facts about the Exclusion Zone that won’t leave anyone indifferent:

  • The buildings and houses in Pripyat have been abandoned since 1986.
  • It will take thousands of years before this area becomes habitable again.
  • The Soviet authorities covered up the explosion from the Soviet people and the whole world for several days.
  • It’s known that the Chernobyl blast was 400 times stronger than the Hiroshima disaster. The population of Chernobyl was exposed to radiation 90 times more than the population of Hiroshima after the fall of the atomic bomb.
  • 335 thousand residents of Pripyat were once evacuated from their homes.
  • The territory of 160 thousand square kilometers is polluted – the northern part of Ukraine, western Russia, and Belarus.

All this and even more you can discover with professional guides of Trips to Pripyat. Come to Chernobyl and start your own historical investigation together with Trips to Chernobyl!

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