Which Web3 Job Should You Apply For? Top Web3 Jobs To Choose From In 2024

by Job & Career 30 December 2023

Which Web3 Job Should You Apply For? Top Web3 Jobs To Choose From In 2024

The world of technology is evolving day by day. People are interested in job roles that let them deal with Bitcoins, Ethereum, NFTs, and DeFi. That is why most youngsters are looking for web3 jobs. 

Yes, it does feel tech-savvy and cool to have a job in AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, and ethical hacking. If you are interested in a career in web3, then this article lists the top web3 jobs you can choose from. You can apply for these roles irrespective of your background if you have the skillsets needed.

The opportunities are immeasurable, and the world of web3 is expanding. So, if you are interested, what are you still waiting for? Here are the top 10 opportunities you can explore from. Keep reading. 

Top Web3 Jobs: 10 Web3 Jobs You May Be Interested In

Here are ten opportunities you can choose from –

1. Solidity Contract Developer

The solidity contract developers are, currently one of the most on-demand professionals in the world of Web3. They are responsible for creating foundations for digital agreements in the world of blockchain. If you have heard of the term smart contracts, then now you know who makes them. Furthermore, the Solidity contract developers work to develop smart contracts for a Blockchain. 

Solidity is a popular coding language in current times. Engineers who work with smart contracts create a base of digital agreements for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. If you want to work in this role, you must have a strong programming background. It is certainly one of the top web3 jobs you can prepare yourself for. 

  • You can expect a yearly salary of $68,880 per year

2. Front-end engineer

A front-end developer has to create a fully functioning and visually appealing website that is also user-friendly. But a front-end engineer in web3 is someone similar and also a little different. They have to create and optimize the decentralized applications for the Blockchain-powered platforms. A front-end engineer has to make the platform interfaces immersive and user-friendly. 

Aside from having knowledge and expertise in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, a front-end engineer is also an expert in smart contracts, blockchain, and web3 libraries. In addition, they also need to be good problem solvers and require other soft skills to work in an organization. Also, you need to have skills and experience of nearly 3 to 5 years. 

  • You will earn a handsome salary of $121,000 per year

3. Back-End Web3 Developer

The role of a back-end web3 developer is one of the top web3 jobs you can look for in today’s time. Back-end developers for Web3 work to power the engine that runs the decentralized apps on the Blockchain technology. 

A professional in this platform requires the regular skills and knowledge of a full-stack engineer or DevOps. But they also have expertise in smart contracts, decentralized storage protocols, and blockchain concepts.

Web3 Back-end developers separate themselves from the regular back-end developers. They use their skills and knowledge to navigate and maneuver through the realm of a decentralized landscape. You wouldn’t need a college or bachelor’s degree for this role. But a few years of experience in the field will certainly help you. 

  • You can expect a salary of $111,000 per year

4. Crypto Analyst

All the top Web3 jobs do not have to be related to coding and programming. If you are looking for web3 jobs that don’t need coding, you can become a crypto analyst. A crypto analyst is a master in dealing with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Solana, and different altcoins. They read the industry trends, patterns, and hidden insights to help investors make smart crypto investment decisions. 

You have to be well equipped with the world or crypto market and knowledge of crypto business. Knowledge of how the crypto market works. There is no specific need for a high school or college degree. But, having higher education gives you more credibility. Also, soft skills like effective communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking will help you go ahead in the market. 

  • You can earn a yearly salary of $115,000 per year as a crypto analyst. 

5. Community Manager

One of the top web3 jobs in the current world of web3 and blockchain is the role of a community manager. They work to create a community revolving around blockchain technologies and the web3 platform.

They create a sense of belonging and unity among the community members. Such personnel are on social media and on platforms like Discord. They are frank and passionate ambassadors and advocates of blockchain, decentralized platforms, and web3. Their constant effort drives engagement in this new world of web3. 

A job in this sector would require one to have efficient communication skills and several other soft skills. The key to this job opportunity requires a balanced mix of both hard and soft skills. 

  • You can earn a good salary of $57,000 per year in this role.

6. Web3 Product Manager

The web3 ecosystem is vast and is swarming with countless interconnected platforms, protocols, technologies, and applications. A web3 product manager is one who oversees the production and implementation of new services and products in this vast world. They keep the web3 ecosystem full of new sets of products.

They build and launch the products that will eventually evolve and transform the web3 ecosystem. As one of the top web3 jobs, the role of a product manager befits someone well-versed in multiple types of subjects. They must have degrees in economics, computer science, or math. Also, several soft skills like efficient leadership, management, and critical thinking would allow a product manager in the web3 realm to succeed and flourish. 

  • They earn a handsome median salary of $160,000 per year

7. Full-stack developer

How about being the jack of all trades in the web3 world? If you are looking for top web3 jobs, then the role of full-stack developer is by far the most relevant role in today’s time. These professionals have a mastery over both the front end and back end. They also pack adequate knowledge in the web3 stack (Solidity, Ethereum, The Graph).

Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science will surely give you some edge over the competitors. But, your skills in databases, back-end web frameworks, APIs, and contract deployment define your expertise. Keep on adding experiences to succeed in this field. 

  • Here is an expected median salary in this field – $117,000 per year.

8. Front-End Web3 Developer

Front-end developers work to create user-friendly platforms with the help of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. But front-end web3 developers max it out and take it to the world of DApps. They also have expertise in blockchain technology, tokenization, and smart contracts. Thanks to this, they have to follow there are more and more things you need to follow. 

These professionals have to always stay updated with the latest developments in the world of blockchain and web3. While a formal degree may not be needed, having experience in the field would certainly brighten your career. 

  • You will expect to earn a salary of $120,000 per year in this role. 

9. Web3 Ux Designer

UX designers for the web3 help create a seamless and smooth user experience for web3 users. Aside from a skillful eye for product design, they are skilled with Figma, Sketch, and the principles of blockchain technology. 

Also, they pack different soft skills like effective communication, adaptability, and innovative thinking. If you only want to aim for the top web3 jobs, you can keep this role on your list. 

  • A salary of around $100,000 per year is awaiting you in the role of a Web3 UX designer. 

10. Blockchain Developer

Last but not least, blockchain developers are the major players in the world of web3 and blockchains. They have mastery over programming languages, cryptography, and consensus algorithms, and they use these skills to create powerful DApps. Yes, it is one of the top web3 jobs, and you do need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science to get an opportunity.

Aside from the hard skills, effective communication, inter-team collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are necessary for this role.

  • Professionals with an interest in this field will earn close to $120,000 per year.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a pro or just someone starting out their career, it would be best to consult with your career coach before choosing any stream. But, if you want to explore, the top web3 jobs mentioned here should suffice. The information provided in this article is only for learning purposes so that you have a knowledge of how to proceed in this sector. 

But, if you need further help, talk to people in the industry that interests you the most. Hopefully, this article was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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