Company Review: Description Of Work From Home Vacancies From An Employer Based On Uss-Express.Com Reviews 2022

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Work From Home Vacancies

Uss Express is an international shipping agency that provides logistic and dropshipping services both to entrepreneurs and individuals.

The company, founded in 2014, helps clients find cheap goods from US retailers and ship them to any destination. It guarantees 24/7 support and top-level customer service.

Established in 1994, Amazon is the largest online marketplace. The company provides shipping services worldwide so it needs a lot of qualified employees working at home and in warehouses to guarantee the highest quality.

Amazon vs Uss Express: Top-demanded work from home vacancies

The quality manager is a top-demanded remote job in such regions as Utah, Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, NYC, Texas, Chicago, Orlando. The following set of duties is executed on the work from home basis:

  1. processing of orders
  2. checking the quality of inventory
  3. checking the quality of packages
  4. shipping inventory within the determined timeframe
  5. repacking of packages if necessary

The requirements of Uss-Express are much softer. The entry-level to work here is a high school diploma and the age not younger than 18 years. Except for this, the candidate must have a laptop and smartphone with a camera and a physical address to store goods.

Every applicant must take a 10-minute online interview to be accepted for the remote vacancy. The salary varies from $1,700 for part-time workers up to $3,200 per month for full-timers.

Amazon requires 3 years of experience in quality management and a Bachelor’s degree or certification in this field. Plus, the majority of jobs require employees to work on a full-time basis. The average salary starts from $3,000 monthly.

Reviews From Employees On Indeed And Trustpilot

Work From Home Vacancies

Study testimonials of other employees. Talking about Uss-Express, the majority of reviews are positive. Sara Kelleher, for example, mentions on Trustpilot: “In general, I like being involved in these processes”.

And here is what Scott says about working in Uss-Express as a manager: “I appreciate this job because the salary is worth working for and I can avoid salvage title loans and other types of high interest loans. Although being aware of everything happening to supply chains and other stuff like that is difficult but I try my best)”.

Reviews of clients are also important to understand the image of the employer. On Indeed there are several reviews saying: “The package arrived quickly. There were no damages or defects on the product and packaging.

The staff is very polite and helpful. Clear answers to all your questions. Whenever possible and necessary, I will always use Uss Express. I advise you to use the services of this company.”

In general, reviews are mostly positive, which means the employer is well-established on the market.

Part-Time Job And Other Pros And Cons Of The Employers

Work From Home Vacancies

Pros of Uss-Express:

  • ability to work part-time
  • distinct salary
  • clear instructions on how to work
  • soft candidate requirements
  • flexible schedule

Cons of Uss-Express:

  • intense workload
  • poor promotions

Pros of Amazon:

  • distinct salary
  • ability to work remotely
  • ability to gain experience
  • generous promotions

Cons of Amazon:

  • intense workload
  • strict requirements
  • no part-time vacancies

Comparison Of The Best Employers 2022

Company Salary Entry-level Wage indexation in 2021 Rating on Indeed Rating on Trustpilot Bonuses
Uss-Expres $3,200 High school diploma 6.6% (+$200) 4.8 4.5 +
Amazon $3,000 3 years of experience and Bachelor’s degree 15% (+$450) 3.5 4.1 +


Uss-Express is a legit employer with a worldwide reputation. It’s a better option to apply because it has soft requirements for candidates and provides them with the possibility to gain real experience in logistics by working at home.

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