3 Business Careers Worth Considering

by Business Development 23 January 2018

Business Careers Worth Considering

The business world is evolving rapidly. Newmarket challenges and the changes happening across the business landscape mean businesses must remain agile in order to stay ahead. There are also more business technologies and solutions helping streamline every part of the process.

While changes are happening across the board, some key professions remain very important. Every company needs business professionals and skilled executives to operate effectively and efficiently. There are several business careers worth considering if you’re looking to develop a brighter future for yourself, and we are going to look into 3 of them in this article.

HR Specialist

Every business needs a strong team to support it. The growth of the business depends highly on the performance of team members and how they work as a unit. Human resources are so important that more companies now rely on professional HR management companies for maximum efficiency.

Working as an HR specialist allows you to handle everything from recruitment to performance tracking and determining compensation and benefits. An HR specialist is the heart of a business’s human resources management, playing a vital role that makes or breaks the business’s growth in the process.

This is a particularly rewarding career too. You can pursue a career in HR and be at the top of your game in as little as five years. Even better, you can expect a median salary of around $60,000 from the beginning.

Business Operations Manager

An operations manager keeps everything together in a company. The business operations manager’s main task is knowing everything about the operations and maintaining control over how different plans, strategies, and projects are being executed. It is also up to the operations manager to address budgeting and control how team members are hired and assigned.

Similar to an HR manager, business operations manager is a career path that will lead to great things. Most COOs and CEOs in top companies today started their careers in business operations. Even better, Salary Site regarded this position as one of the highest paying positions in today’s business landscape.

Pursuing a career in operations management is not without its challenges. You have to be as agile as you want the business to be in order to succeed. You also need to stay up to date with market changes and organizational challenges to be a great operations manager.

Account Management

You start out as an account executive and slowly build a career in account management. Every business needs a good team of account executives to manage leads, generate sales, and keep the clients happy. The career gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the business’s growth.

It is also the account manager’s job to work with other departments in the company and fulfill clients’ expectations perfectly. It is a crucial role that affects the business as a whole, but it is also a role that can take you to new heights as far as your career goes.

These are the top 3 business careers worth considering. If you are looking for careers that can help you secure the brighter future you have always wanted, these three jobs are worth looking into.

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