14 Funny Office Pranks That Don’t Break Professional Boundaries

by Job & Career 30 December 2023

14 Funny Office Pranks That Don’t Break Professional Boundaries

All work and no play makes everyone a dull person. 

Instead, you should take the guilty pleasure of breaking the monotony of work by pulling funny office pranks on your colleagues. My colleagues put salt in my coffee; they post pictures of Emma Watson all over my cubicle. Sometimes, I get a flood of notifications from unwanted websites I never subscribed to. 


My colleagues are pranksters. So, I thought of finding different ways of pulling pranks on my colleagues. Here is a list of office pranks you can get help from if you need it. 

1. Switching Photos

Replace the picture of your colleague’s family or children with one of their favorite stars or a stupid and funny cartoon. Now, wait and watch as they enter the office and walk up to their desks. The look on their face is worth taking a photo of. Swapping photos has long been one of the funniest office pranks. You can try it out. 

2. Stick The Sticky Notes

Stick sticky notes on everything on your coworker’s office desk or cubicle. When they come back from a vacation or a few days of leave, they will have a worth-remembering laugh out of it. Funny decor is also a part of smart office pranks. 

3. Rubber Snake Office Prank

Rubber snake pranks are not just an average office prank. It is the funniest prank of all time. People prank at the mall, the office, and in public. And all you need is a rubber snake or a spider. Slip it inside your colleague’s desk and wait till the next morning as they open the drawer. 

4. Put A Coin On Their Desk

What’s the funniest office prank? Well, have you tried keeping a coin on your colleague’s desk? You have to hurry up and put a coin on their desk before they arrive. This will take a few days. But, one day, your colleague will notice that there is a stockpile of pennies on the desk. 

5. Mouse Prank

This office prank is one of the oldest offices in the world. You have to cover the optical sensor of your colleague’s mouse. They will try to use the mouse, but it will not work. But, consider leaving a note beside the mouse and put your name on it. Now, wait for them to smile at you as they turn the mouse over. 

6. Moving Box Prank

Now, this is a fun office prank I love the most. You just have to put a sealed and packaged moving box inside their cubicle/cabin. This will make them confused for days as they don’t know if someone is moving in or who is moving in exactly. Also, your colleague may be confused if they have to share their cubicle with someone else or not. 

7. Confusing Birthday

It is not your colleague’s birthday. But, you can leave a birthday message card and cake candles and decorate their office cubicle with birthday decoration items. Once they arrive, start surprising them with a happy birthday wish. This is the most confusing and funniest office prank you will ever pull on your favorite colleagues. Wait to see the look on their face as they feel confused. This can be one of the funniest pranks you do to your colleagues. 

8. Replace Keyboard Switches

Do your colleagues have a replaceable keyboard switch? A funny office prank would be replacing the keys and changing them with another key. For example, you can change the M key with the N key and see their confused faces.

9. Balloon Prank

Leave lots of balloons in the meeting room before the designated date for a meeting. This is a surprise for your coworkers. This will make it difficult for them to go to their desks. 

10. The Email Prank 

If you are working closely with someone, you must know their email IDs. Wait, how do you prank someone using their email IDs? You can. Just get their email subscribed to lots of platforms and newsletters. Get them signed up for TV shows or bloggers they do not follow. Or get them subscribed to different services. Now, their inbox will be flooded by different emails from these platforms they don’t want. 

It is one of the funniest office pranks. But you cannot pull it on anyone. Find a person who can laugh at this prank instead of getting mad. 

11. Voice Activated

Add a label to the toaster in the office that reads “Voice activated.” now wait to see who tries to give the toaster a command. Wouldn’t it be funny to see your colleagues give a funny voice command to the toaster or other similar kitchen appliances? Capture a video of someone falling prey to this prank.

12. Cat Photo Prank

Yes, this is going to be an office prank. But, additionally, it will make your colleague’s heart warm. If they love any particular animal, like a cat or dog, you should cover their entire desk with pictures of their favorite animals. Wait, there are other recommendations as well; you can even try out dogs, honey badgers, squirrels, or pandas. When they walk up to their cubicle, take a moment to record their reaction. 

13. Hide The Doughnuts

Jaby entered the office and went to the washroom, leaving the box of doughnuts on his desk. This is your chance to pull the doughnut prank. If your colleague has the habit of starting the day with junk food, replace it with something healthy. When he leaves the box of doughnuts, replace it with something rich in protein and vitamins. See their funny face as they find out their doughnuts are gone. 

14. Celebrity Crush

Do you know who is your coworker’s celebrity crush? Do they love Dua Lipa, or are they fawning over Chris Hemsworth? Whoever their celebrity crush is, you have an opportunity to prank them using it. How? Well, print out lots of pictures of your colleague’s celebrity crush and decorate their cubicle or office desk with these pictures. Keep your camera ready as they enter their office cubicle. 

Bottom Line

Well, these are not the last ideas you can gather for pulling an office prank on your coworker. But if you were looking for crazy prank Ideas, I have got you started with these funny pranks. You can try out any of these pranks and see for yourself how funny they are. 

But if you need us to help you with any more ideas, let us know through the comment section. Maybe we will add new ways to prank your colleague. Did you enjoy reading this? Share your feedback.

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