Interviewing 2.0 – 5 Tips For Doing Well In A Video-Call Job Interview In 2020

by Job & Career 25 August 2020

Video-Call Job Interview

Although most of us probably never thought we’d see the day where remote working is the norm and hiring is done through a computer screen, that’s exactly where we’ve ended up. Interviewing via video conferencing is a completely different ball game to what we’re all used to, so to help you out, we’ve put together this list of tips for doing well:

5 Tips For Doing Well In A Video-Call Job Interview In 2020:

1. Smile

With your body language mostly hidden, your facial expression is essentially your only method of non-verbal communication. Because of this, conveying confidence and positivity through your eyes and smile is of vital importance. If you don’t love your grin, it’s time to consider an upgrade. The easiest way to get great results in this department is to head down to a teeth whitening clinic near you, then show off your gleaming new smile.

2. Compartmentalise

Just because the interviewer knows you’re at home, doesn’t mean you can get away with an unprofessional background. If you don’t have a dedicated home office, at least find a quiet and tidy room to interview from. We’re not saying you have to scrub every trace of your life out of the place, but it’s probably a good idea to keep the kids and pets out of the room, and remove anything that could be considered offensive or inappropriate for the camera’s view.

3. Look Down The Lens

Speaking of the camera, the number one mistake people make with any type of video communication is looking at themselves, rather than at their webcam. Looking at the interviewer when they’re speaking is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged), but when it’s your turn to talk, make sure you’re looking right down the barrel of your camera, not at the little image of yourself. This creates a sense of eye contact which helps you appear polite and likable and will make it easier for the interviewer to understand you. If you’re having trouble, try focusing on a point in your room just behind or above your camera as this will generate the same effect without the pressure of staring at the flashing red dot.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Although you’ll want to prepare your knowledge and answers in much the same way you would for a traditional interview, getting ready for the presentation of that information is going to be a little different. Instead of sitting down across from a friend or family member to practice, as you may have done previously, video chatting with your loved ones should be your new favorite method of interview preparation. Ask whoever you’re chatting with to give you pointers about where to sit in the room, whether you can be seen and heard properly, and whether you look natural. Make notes so you can refer back to these tips just before your interview.

5. Check Your Device Thrice

No matter how well prepared you are, if you have a tech mishap, your chances of landing the job will be greatly diminished. Check that your device has the latest software updates and is capable of getting the job done when you’re invited to interview, the night before, and one hour before. While this won’t guarantee success, it does increase your chances, and you’ll feel far more comfortable knowing that you covered all your bases.

These tips will help you feel confident tackling a video-call job interview in 2020 or any time in the future. For now, try not to stress too much. This is probably just as new for your interviewer as it is for you, so as long as you’re properly prepared, you’ll do great.

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