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by Job & Career 10 October 2018

Career Coach

A lot of individuals get confused when it comes to deciding on a career. Some folks choose a wrong career, whereas others find it difficult to choose an ideal job. If you happen to be one of these folks, you may want to seek the services of a career coach. However, many individuals do not know how to choose a career coach. In case you are planning to hire an ideal coach for career counseling and job choice, read below.

Who is a career counselor?

A career coach or counselor is a professional who helps clients to plan their career and achieve their goals. These counselors work with their clients to teach them strategies on how to identify and locate new employment opportunities matching their credentials. From government agencies to individuals as well as community agencies, everyone seems to hire the expertise of a career counselor.

Why hire a career coach?

Career coaches render a multitude of benefits to anyone. They help you assess your skills and interests, investigate career options and eventually envision a career path. By using various tools, including interest inventories, assessment exercises, and personality test, they let you pick the most appropriate career for you. Additionally, they assist you in identifying obstacles and provide solutions on overcoming them.

How to find and choose a career coach?

A lot of experts render their expertise in the field of career coaching. As such, hiring an ideal coach is not really difficult. However, you ought to expend some time on finding and selecting the right expert for your specific situation.

Determine your requirements:

Think about mentors, teachers and other coach like personalities you have worked with in the past. Try to figure out what kind of people helped you resolve your difficulties in your early phase of life. What kind of qualities those people had in common and how did they help you? Answers to these questions will let you know what kind of professionals you may want to consider.

Make a list of popular coaches:

When it boils down to hiring a career coach, many individuals are in a hurry. Most of them select the very first coach they stumble upon. However, this is undoubtedly a wrong idea. The professional you come across may or may not be an ideal fit for you. You need to check various professionals in view of your requirements and their credibility to choose the right man.

You have to make a big list of career coaches and assess them minutely to spot the right coach. First of all, inquire people in your close contacts and relations. Folks who have hired a coach or are familiar with popular ones are the best people to seek help from. They might give you the names of coaches they already know or the ones who are popular in their views.

In addition to this, scan yellow pages and local directories for career coaches. Many career counselors list their services in these venues. You could get a few popular names by searching these offline directories. The best thing about local directories and yellow pages is they help you get in touch with coaches in and around your local area. Also, search the World Wide Web to find career coaches close to your place.

Read reviews:

Once you have enlisted possible career coaches, it’s time to assess their credentials to choose the right one. Reviews and ratings turn out to be really handy in this respect. Check popular review sites and find out what people are saying about coaches mentioned in your checklist. In accordance with ratings and opinions, narrow down your list.

Seek references:

A good career coach should be able to list verifiable references with visible success levels. Seek references from coaches in your list and contact each of the references. On the basis of references and testimonies, prepare a final list of career coaches.

Make the right choice:

Now that you have the names of most popular career coaches, you may want to settle down with the best one. Assess the credibility, certifications, and experience of each coach minutely. Compare their success rate and pricing in great detail. Find out how they respond to queries and check their support. Finally, choose the best coach who provides top of the line coaching at the most affordable price.

Closing words:

Picking the right career can make a major difference between success and failure in anyone’s life. With the right career counselor by your side, you can easily make a decision on selecting a job matching your traits and certifications. However, the key lies in choosing an ideal coach that can help you solve most of your career-related difficulties. Just take a look at the above advice on how to choose a career coach and you could hire the right professional to make a remunerative and progressive career in your life.

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