Top 5 Picross Apps Available For Free In The Google Store

by Technology Published on: 14 September 2021 Last Updated on: 15 September 2021

Picross Apps

Puzzles have evolved over the years and are among the most played games in the world. Gamers particularly love to play the best picross app because it helps them to keep their brains in form. In the past, people have been playing this puzzle in magazines and books. However, due to the increase in technological advancements, you can play this game online or through mobile apps.

These apps have made playing the games more exciting because players can carry puzzles with them everywhere they go as long as they have their mobile devices. But with so many apps on the internet offering puzzle games, selecting the right ones can be difficult. This article highlights the top five pic cross games apps that you need to know.

What Is Picross?

The idea of Picross is not clear to many. So before you know what are the 5 best paid picross apps, let’s take a look at What is Picross. The word Picross is also known as Gridders, Nonograms, Paint By numbers, etc. These basically are picture logic puzzles where the grid cells need to be left blank or colored as per the side numbers. The intention behind the whole thing is to unveil an underlying picture.  Usually, they describe binary images colored in black and white.

How To Play Picross Fast?

Here are the steps of how to play Picross quickly:

  • If you are a beginner, it’s better to check the tutorial first
  • Know how to complete a puzzle
  • Complete the larger numbers at the beginning
  • Use the X marks
  • Fill the lower numbers later
  • Finish the puzzle with finished rows and columns
  • Play various game levels and do not get stuck at a single level.

Top 5 Picross Apps Available For Free In The Google Store

There is a list of the top 5 best Picross apps that are available for free in the Google store.

1. Picross Mon

This picross gaming app can enable you to input moves through touch, pen, or pad. If you restart or delete the game accidentally, your progress will be saved on Google Cloud. Picross Mon allows you to access hundreds of puzzles with many difficulty levels. 

If you complete the history and mode grants, you’ll access the Big Map Mode. The higher the difficulty level, the more interesting the story becomes and the better features you access. 

When it comes to Picross Mon, it is one of the most popular games from the house of GAME Fox. the last update came in the market on 14th January 2021. The revised size of the game is now 33M. Now the time is to check the total installation number, which is over 1 million. 

2. Logic Pixel Cross Puzzle

This is a picross puzzle game that can addict you once you start playing it. It’s easy to learn and has different grid sizes with various skill levels ranging from easy to expert. If you complete the levels, you’ll unlock exciting hidden scenes. 

To play this game, you only need to read the numbers from left to right and top to bottom. If you find any square that shouldn’t be colored, mark it with an X. Pixel Art – draw in fun is the very name behind this game. You have to play the game by maintaining the proper logic. 

The last update of this game was launched in the market on 8th March 2021 with a size of 29M. Now come to its popularity. Well if you calculate the number of installations from the Google play store, the number will be more than 100,000. 

3. Picross Tale – Nonogram

This picross online game app highlights the story of a brave boy who lives home with a mission to save his village. The vibrant illustrations in the game will make you have fun as you join the lad in his experiences. You can customize the background image of this game as you enter each mode. The hints can also help you to progress when you’re stuck, and the auto-save function will save every progress so that you can find it when you need it.

4. Picross Survival

Picross’s survival highlights the plight of an unlucky hero on a lonely island. Your aim in this game should be to help him solve puzzles that can get him out of this place. The storyline gets more interesting as you solve more puzzles. 

Just like the other picross games, each level in this game automatically saves itself when you stop playing. Additionally, if you complete the history and normal mode gains, you’ll access the big map mode. 

GAME FOX offers this game, and the last update came into the market on 2nd December 2019 with a size of 28M. More than 500,000 installations are done till March 2021.  

5. Homecross

The picross online Homecross app allows you to enjoy multiple players’ gameplay. It has over 2000 free and brain-stimulating levels that can end your boredom. This game is easy to learn and has many hidden rewards that you need to unlock. 

This game is published by Metajoy and is suitable for any device, that has android as its operating system. You need to solve a sudoku-like puzzle and after solving every logic puzzle, you will get stunning home-themed pictures. 

Till 19th March 2021, when the new update came into the market with a storage size of 57M. And more than 500,000 installations are done. 

Some Add Ons

Through the above list has the top five best paid Picross apps for free, I am extending the list for you with some more options. 

  • Picture Cross: This game is offered by AppyNation Ltd. This game was last updated on 11th March 2021 with a size of 82M. By April 2021, the total number of installations was more than 1 million. 
  • CrossMe Color: This game is offered by Mobile Dynamix. This game was last updated on 2nd April 2021 with a size of 14M. By April 2021, the total number of installations was more than 10,000.
  • Picross Luna: This game is offered by the Floralmong company. This game was last updated on 31st October 2019 with a size of 20M. By April 2021, the total number of installations was more than 1 million.
  • Pixelo: This game is offered by the Floralmong company. This game was last updated on 27th October 2019. By April 2021, the total number of installations was more than 50,000. The size of the updated version varies on the basis of the device. 
  • Picross Luna 2: This game is offered by the Floralmong company. This game was last updated on 6th January 2021 with a size of 45M. By April 2021, the total number of installations was more than 10,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are The Best Picross apps?

Some of the best Picross apps are Picross Mon, Homecross, Nonograms CrossMe. Nonograms Katana, logic pixel cross puzzle, Pixross Survival, Picross Tale.

Q2. Is Picross A Sudoku?

If you are just a beginner at the Picross games, even the best Picross apps would appear as a pixel art hybrid and a Sudoku puzzle to you. Especially, as you are given a blank grid with a set of numbers, it will look like a Sudoku.

Q3. Is every Nonogram Solvable?

As per the experts, most of the nonograms are line solvable so that only humans can solve them. However, there are a few exceptional nonograms that you cannot line solve.

Q4.  Can Picross Be Impossible?

Although there are some Picross puzzles that are too tough to solve, there is no impossible Picross Apps. You can solve every puzzle if you have patience and know the right strategies.

Q5. How Does Mario Picross Work?

Mario Picross is the primary sewel of the game ” Game Boy. ”  There are 11 levels at Mario Picross with 12 puzzles at each level. However, as you clear all the levels at Mario Picross, another hidden level named Wario level unlocks.  It is the 12th level with 8 Ultra puzzles.

Bottom Line

Picross apps are interesting to play and have more benefits than just entertainment. They can sharpen your life skills and improve your brain function. But to enjoy these wonderful advantages, you need to have some best paid picross apps on your mobile device. Ensure that you know the norms of the puzzles well to get the things done in an organized well to achieve your objectives in the best possible manner. 

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