Tips for Choosing a Call Center Management System

by Customer Service 23 September 2019

Managing any complex task in the modern world will require a modern solution. Thanks to innovations in technology, companies are constantly being asked to re-evaluate their approach to tasks so that they can be performed more efficiently. Nowhere has the technological revolution changed an industry more than in the way that customer service is provided to consumers. Call center software solutions to go far beyond the traditional picture of someone talking to a customer over the phone. Thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, call center outsourcing companies benefit from software solutions to improve their overall service and deliver different ways of communication with customers. If your business is considering how to select call center software to help take your service to the next level, here are several factors and features you will definitely want to consider.

Which Platforms To Consider While Selecting A Call Centre Management System

In any software selection process, it’s crucial to clearly outline what your needs are so that you can determine whether or not a specific platform will meet them. If you currently have a call center management system that you’re moving away from, it can be easy to get a jump start on writing such a list. For example, you can talk to members in each department to find out what features they use and what features they wish they have in order to prioritize particular components and tasks that the software should be able to help you with. If you’ve yet to use any call center management system, take a look at leaders in the field like Bright Pattern and request a live demo or more documentation about their product. Make sure that common or frequently recurring features across all platforms are on your wish list so that you ensure that you are able to have functionality that helps future-proof your business.

Do Your Research Accordingly Before Choosing

It’s also a good idea to research the latest trends and determine whether or not they relate to your company’s needs or if your company may ever need to utilize such features. Omnichannel call center software is one such trend, which allows businesses to reach customers through a variety of communication channels. With the way technology is advancing, it makes sense to prioritize something like this, so that your customers have a chance to reach out to you in a way that’s convenient to them. At the same time, features like automatic call distribution, while nice to have, may not be necessary for all companies. This can be particularly true in the case of using ACD if you only have a support line for one particular task, so routing customers to different departments or agents is less useful. Again, the most important thing is to have a list that you can continually refer to and use to guide your decision-making.

What Do The best Call Centre Management Systems Contain?

When considering a new call center system, many times organizations focus too much on what the agent experience will be like and don’t consider what sorts of tools they will need as managers. No matter what size your business is or what industry you are in, you’ll need to make sure that you have a way of collecting, tracking, and analyzing data about agent performance. Widely referred to as quality assurance, these kinds of features allow you to check in on an agent and see if they are upholding your company values and best practices. By flagging instances where an agent does less than satisfactory in an interaction with a customer, you can begin to initiate more training and one-on-ones in order to bring that agent up to the level you need them to be. Quality assurance tracking tools can also help you identify high performers so that you can promote them or route particular types of interactions directly to them to handle more effectively. Remember that in order to grow your fleet of support agents, you’ll need data to help inform your decisions. Picking a management system that has some of those tools baked-in can be an easy way to streamline your managerial process.


As you can see, a call center management system is far more than a phone line and guidebook of frequently asked questions. Modern-day call center software offers robust ways to engage with customers and requires some care when being chosen. By analyzing your business’ needs, your customers’ wants, and putting in the research necessary to find a good management system, you’ll be able to provide consistent customer service no matter what channel your consumers contact you through.

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