How to Understand Your Golf Club’s Customer Journey

by Customer Service 30 May 2019

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The golfing industry is experiencing high competition rates among golf courses. A golf course can be better than the rest by providing the best customer experience. From research, the customer experience will soon overtake the industry and will be a major determinant of success and quality. A golf course can differentiate itself from the customer experience service offered at that particular station. Customers are becoming more and more conscious of their experience and most customers usually want a personal interaction with their course.

Currently, it’s golf clubs that are in search of customers rather than the other way around. Mainly, golf clubs have the role of determining how golf fits in the lives of their customers but other accessories like golf bags, golf hats, and golf apparel also play crucial roles. Golf managers have to develop techniques that will benefit golfers from the use of the golf course. Golf executives have to deeply understand their customers to provide them with the best service.

Customer Journeys

For any golf course to offer the best customer experience, it must have a vast understanding of its golfers. Customer journey maps are a great way to start when working on understanding clients. Previously, the funnel concept was used to understand golfers, but it was ineffective since it did not bring out all the details about a particular customer. With advancements in technology, companies like Hampton Golf have adopted more digital methods of understanding customer journeys.

Currently, the use of chatbots in several industries has greatly increased. It is, therefore, essential for golf courses to find appropriate ways of interacting with customers and meeting their demands. Since there is a higher dependency on digital technology, customer journeys are liable to be influenced by social media platforms and phone applications. Golfers, in general, spend a significant amount of time on their phones, locating suitable services.

When understanding customer journeys, it is essential to start from the phone. Golf courses should provide the best mobile services to get vast knowledge of clients. End-to-end customers journey is a useful place to start. In this case, a golf manager has to know the customer journey well and provide golfers services based on the analysis. It is important to note that they are plenty of customer journeys. Understanding each of these journeys is an effective way of becoming successful.

What can you learn from customer mapping?

  • How a client and the golf station view accomplishments
  • Client’s needs, passions, and how they carry out golfing
  • A customer’s pain points, meaning parts that are disregarded by a golfer.
  • A customer’s moment of truth; these are points that can be used to leverage a customer. They also help in getting a better understanding of the customer experience.
  • how to improve the customer experience from the pain points and moment of truth

Essential components of a customer journey map

  • Concentrate on the customer’s feelings.
  • Include the customer’s achievements.
  • Bring out the ‘moments of truth.’
  • Understand a customer’s point of view
  • Note all the client sections

Employees and journey mapping

Employees have a significant impact on the customer experience provided. Employees interact with customers regularly, and ensuring they are satisfied by the golf station’s services is efficient is promoting excellent customer experience. Employees need to be equipped with the right qualities and know how to communicate with customers to enhance customer mapping journeys. A general understanding of the whole staff unit in an institution will assure one of the positive results with customer journeys.


Customer journeys assure and institution of growth and development. Journey mapping is an effective way of understanding the customer journeys. Executives of a golf station need to stay in touch with the whole institutions to provide the best customer experience.

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