SRNG Stock – Is It Worth Investing In 2022?

by Investing 16 December 2021

SRNG Stock

Stocks are an essential investment for building wealth. While you invest in a company’s stock, it means that you are owning a share of the company which issued the stock. Corporations use stocks for growing their funds, taking new initiatives, and generating new products and services. SRNG stock is the abbreviated form of Soaring Eagle Acquisitions Corporation stock. I am sure you are here today because of either two reasons – 

  1. You have already invested in SRNG Stock
  2. You are planning to invest soon. 

We have answered all the possible questions regarding SRNG stock here. Read the guide till the end to learn more about it.   

Background Ideas About SRNG Corporation

Background Ideas About SRNG Corporation

Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp. (SRNG) was created by Harry E. Sloan, Jeff Sagansky, and Eli Baker as a special purpose acquisition firm. The primary goal of SRNG was to complete a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization, or other similar corporate combination with one or more companies. 

SRNG Stock price and share prices started rising last September. This happened after the shareholders of the special purpose acquisition business approved a merger with Ginkgo Bioworks Inc., a biotech corporation.

Present SRNG Stock Price

The present price of SRNG stock is 12.180 USD. It refers to the SRNG stock Price today that is on 14th December 2021. 

Market Cap And Market Volume Of SRNG Stock

The bullet points below depict the statistics regarding the market cap of SRNG stock. In addition, we have also given the statistics regarding annual sales, annual income, and outstanding shares of Soaring Eagle Acquisition Stock. 

  • Market Capitalization: $K2,462,438
  • Shares Outstanding: K215,625
  • Annual Sales: $0 K
  • Annual Income: $-10 K

52 Week High And 52 Week Low Of SRNG Stock

The 52 week high and low data of SRNG stock is given in the table below. Before jumping on to the SRNG Stock price prediction for 2022,  take a quick look at it:

1. Historical Data

52 Week High:  14.25
52 Week Low:  14.25

2. Forecast Data

52 Week High:  12.629
52 Week Low:  12.043

SRNG Stock Price Prediction

The SRNG stock forecast involves consideration of historical stock price as well as future prices. Check the below Historical SRNG Stock Price:

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
2021-09-17 Open:  12.18 Close:  12.18 Low:  12.18 High:  12.18
2021-09-16 Open:  10.7143 Close:  10.7143 Low:  10.7143 High:  10.7143
2021-09-15 Open:  10.0473 Close:  10.0473 Low:  10.0473 High:  10.0473
2021-09-14 Open:  9.98667 Close:  9.98667 Low:  9.98667 High:  9.98667
2021-09-13 Open:  9.293 Close:  9.293 Low:  9.293 High:  9.293
2021-09-10 Open:  9.90933 Close:  9.90933 Low:  9.90933 High:  9.90933
2021-09-09 Open:  9.92115 Close:  9.92115 Low:  9.92115 High:  9.92115
2021-09-08 Open:  9.89667 Close:  9.89667 Low:  9.89667 High:  9.89667
2021-09-07 Open:  9.969 Close:  9.969 Low:  9.969 High:  9.969
2021-09-03 Open:  9.98333 Close:  9.98333 Low:  9.98333 High:  9.98333
2021-09-02 Open:  9.97154 Close:  9.97154 Low:  9.97154 High:  9.97154
2021-09-01 Open:  9.96833 Close:  9.96833 Low:  9.96833 High:  9.96833
2021-08-31 Open:  9.96893 Close:  9.96893 Low:  9.96893 High:  9.96893
2021-08-30 Open:  9.96033 Close:  9.96033 Low:  9.96033 High:  9.96033


Analysis: The above table is a historical SRNG Stock price from September and October Month. As you can see, all the parameters maximum price, minimum price, closing, and opening price are following an upward rising trend. This gives an indication of the good health of SRNG Stock.

2. Upcoming SRNG Price

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price Change
January 2022 Open: 12.172 Close: 12.207 Min: 12.172 Max: 12.344 Change: 0.28 % ▲
February 2022 Open: 12.240 Close: 12.242 Min: 12.216 Max: 12.378 Change: 0.01 % ▲
March 2022 Open: 12.275 Close: 12.347 Min: 12.250 Max: 12.413 Change: 0.59 % ▲
April 2022 Open: 12.422 Close: 12.456 Min: 12.285 Max: 12.456 Change: 0.28 % ▲
May 2022 Open: 12.319 Close: 12.387 Min: 12.319 Max: 12.491 Change: 0.55 % ▲
June 2022 Open: 12.393 Close: 12.459 Min: 12.362 Max: 12.525 Change: 0.53 % ▲
July 2022 Open: 12.534 Close: 12.568 Min: 12.397 Max: 12.568 Change: 0.27 % ▲
August 2022 Open: 12.431 Close: 12.505 Min: 12.431 Max: 12.603 Change: 0.59 % ▲
September 2022 Open: 12.537 Close: 12.646 Min: 12.474 Max: 12.646 Change: 0.86 % ▲
October 2022 Open: 12.509 Close: 12.543 Min: 12.509 Max: 12.680 Change: 0.28 % ▲
November 2022 Open: 12.577 Close: 12.617 Min: 12.552 Max: 12.715 Change: 0.32 % ▲
December 2022 Open: 12.649 Close: 12.758 Min: 12.587 Max: 12.758 Change: 0.85 % ▲


Analysis: The table above, presents the whole SRNG Stock forecast for 2023. You can see that the trend for the opening price, closing price, maximum and minimum price from January 2022 to December 2022 are upwards. In addition, the price changes are also in positive values; hence, we have marked them as green. 

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The SRNG Stock Price Prediction

Here is a graphical presentation of how the SRNG stock price would grow by 2025. Take a look at the SRNG Stock forecast below. 

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The SRNG Stock Price Prediction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What Is The Soaring Eagle Stock Price/Share Price Today?

According to the latest SRNG stock news, the price of Soaring Eagle Stock today on 14th December 2021 is 12.180 USD. 

Q2. Will SRNG Stock Price Grow/Rise/Go Up?

Yes, as per the stock market predictions, SRNG stock price will go up within the coming years. It will increase from 12.180 USD on 14th December 2021 but 12.629 USD on 14th December 2022. 

Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In SRNG Stock?

According to the recent SRNG Stock news, it is quite profitable. The long-term earning potential from it will be +3.68% within a single year. 

Q4. Will SRNG Stock Price Fall/Drop?

There is not really any chance of SRNG stock price to drop or fall at least within 1 year. You may get a sound ROI after investing in it.

Q5. What Will Soaring Eagle Acquisition Stock Price Be Worth In Five Years (2026)?

The SRNG stock price or Soaring Eagle Stock Price would be worth 14.326 USD within the next 5 years (2026). Here, steady growth potential can be sensed here.  

The Verdict – Should You Invest In SRNG Stock In 2022?

Now, it’s time to answer the final question as well as the main objective of this guide – Is SRNG Stock worth investing in? From our research results, the answer is YES.. you can go for it. Since there is a strong-long term earning potential and high possibility of ROI, a THUMBS UP from our end for SRNG Stock. Nevertheless, be prepared for enduring swings of fluctuations in stock prices and other parameters as a key property of any stock. 

Are you getting any doubts about SRNG stock? Drop them in the comment area below. Soon, we will be solving those out. 

Disclaimer: Dear readers, the SRNG Stock Price data and other facts above are just assumptions. The data above refers to the information present in the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might change based on the situation.

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