IRFC Share Price Prediction – Is It A Good Investment?

by Investing Published on: 16 November 2021 Last Updated on: 17 November 2021

IRFC Share Price Prediction

IRFC share price is a matter of discussion these days. Especially after the Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd IPO in January 2021, this topic has gone vital.  We have received a number of requests asking for IRFC price prediction 2021. Thus, we will be evaluating today whether IRFC shares are a good investment or not.

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Indian Railway Finance Corporation Stock (IRFC)?

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Stock (IRFC)

IRFC stands for Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. It is the financing support of the Indian Railways. They make money from financial institutions and banks through financial bonds. It is backed by the Ministry Of Railways, the Government of India.

Furthermore, the company announced the IPO (Initial Public Offering) on this year’s 18th January. This helped them get listed on the National Stock Exchange Of India Bombay Stock Exchange on 29th January 2021. IRFC share price denotes the monetary value of their shares, bonds, and stocks.

Present IRFC Share Price

The present IRFC share price that is on 17th November 2021, in the market is 24.00 INR. The 24 hours low value is ₹23.95 INR while the 24 hours high is ₹24.25 INR.

Market Rank Or Market Cap

Both the market cap and market rank occupy crucial positions in making IRFC share Price predictions. Let’s check the market cap and related data out in the table below.

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.) 317.56B INR
Dividend Yield 5.40%
20D Avg Volume 26,187,147
20D Avg Delivery(%) 41.69

52 Week High And 52 Week Low

Here comes another vital satirical to derive the IRFC share price prediction values. Here is a 52 week high/low data of IRFC share price.

52 Week High 26.70
52 Week Low 20.80

IRFC Share Price Prediction

We have presented the IRFC share price prediction in two ways. One by showing 14 days of historical data and the other by showing upcoming price data. This has helped us to make an accurate IRFC share price prediction.

1. 14 Days Historical Data

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
2021-10-26 Open:  25.35 Close:  24.9 Low:  24.75 High:  25.35
2021-10-25 Open:  24.95 Close:  24.95 Low:  24.95 High:  25.3
2021-10-22 Open:  24.3 Close:  25.85 Low:  24.3 High:  25.85
2021-10-21 Open:  23.75 Close:  24.2 Low:  23.75 High:  24.25
2021-10-20 Open:  23.6 Close:  23.55 Low:  23.55 High:  23.75
2021-10-19 Open:  24.2 Close:  23.85 Low:  23.85 High:  24.25
2021-10-18 Open:  24.55 Close:  24.25 Low:  24.25 High:  24.55
2021-10-14 Open:  23.7 Close:  23.65 Low:  23.65 High:  23.7
2021-10-13 Open:  23.4 Close:  23.65 Low:  23.4 High:  23.85
2021-10-12 Open:  23.6 Close:  23.45 Low:  23.45 High:  23.6
2021-10-11 Open:  23.75 Close:  23.55 Low:  23.55 High:  23.75
2021-10-08 Open:  23.55 Close:  23.65 Low:  23.55 High:  23.75
2021-10-07 Open:  23.8 Close:  23.6 Low:  23.6 High:  23.8
2021-10-06 Open:  23.65 Close:  23.65 Low:  23.65 High:  23.85


Analysis: The above table presents 14 days of historical data of IRFC share price. You can see the price yesterday that is 16th November 2021 has reduced than that of 27th October 2021. The trend has remained more or less even within this fortnight.

2. Upcoming IRFC Share Price Prediction

Date Price Min Price Max Price
2021-10-28 Price:  25.089 Min:  24.704 Max:  25.506
2021-10-29 Price:  25.562 Min:  25.167 Max:  25.959
2021-11-01 Price:  25.825 Min:  25.431 Max:  26.208
2021-11-02 Price:  25.488 Min:  25.096 Max:  25.878
2021-11-03 Price:  25.468 Min:  25.070 Max:  25.862
2021-11-04 Price:  25.558 Min:  25.199 Max:  25.953
2021-11-05 Price:  26.030 Min:  25.659 Max:  26.429
2021-11-08 Price:  26.294 Min:  25.907 Max:  26.687
2021-11-09 Price:  25.956 Min:  25.570 Max:  26.362
2021-11-10 Price:  25.937 Min:  25.534 Max:  26.326


Analysis: From the above table of IRFC share price prediction, you can see the probable maximum price and minimum price. From 18th November 2021 to 1st December 2021, the IRFC share price is expected to remain around 24.50 INR. While the maximum price might be around 25.056 INR and the minimum price be 23.325 INR. The price on 1st December 2021 will be more or less similar to that of 18th November 2021. 

Dividend Yield

The next most crucial information about IRFC share price prediction is knowing its dividend yield. So on March 2021, IRFC has declared a 10.50% equity dividend amounting to Rs 1.05 for each share. At the current share price of Rs 24.00, this results in a dividend yield of 4.33%.

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The IRFC Share Price Prediction

Graphical Presentation IRFC


Analysis: The above presented graphical illustration of IRFC share price prediction indicates that IRFC share price will be facing a downward trend in the upcoming tine. If you see the graph line above, by 2022 October, the IRFC share price might go lower than 22.00 INR. As a result, there is no chance of it going up or increasing in value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What Is The Indian Railway Finance Corporation Stock Price / Share Price Today?

Today, on 16th November 2021, the IRFC share price is 24.80 INR.

Q2. Can You Predict The Share Price Of IRFC Next Year (2022)?

Yes, as per IRFC share price prediction, the IRFC share price might dip from 25.00 INR to 22.662 INR. If this happens, the change rate will be -9/354%.

Q3. Will IRFC Stock Price Grow/ Rise / Go Up?

As per IRFC share price prediction, there are no chances that the IRFC share price would grow or go up. Rather it will continue to fall in the upcoming years.

Q4. Will Indian Railway Finance Corporation Stock Price Hit 100 INR Price In A Year?

According to our IRFC share price prediction, the IRFC share price won’t hit 100 INR within a year.

The Verdict – Should You Invest In IRFC Share?

That’s it about IRFC share price prediction. As you can see there is the least or negligible chance that the IRFC share price would go up. Hence, it cannot be regarded as a good investment considering the future prediction results. So if you want to make an investment in IRFC share price, take the risk accordingly. However, there is nothing “certain” in the crypto market; all you have to do is deal with risks and wait for the next moment. Therefore, brace yourself and invest wisely.     

Disclaimer: Dear readers, the IRFC Share Price Prediction above and other facts are just assumptions. The data above refers to the information present in the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might change based on the situation.

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