How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands

by Investing 18 December 2021

WoW Shadowlands

Any player can attest that gold plays a major role in WoW. Depending on your playstyle and goals, it may be either very useful or downright essential. Gold lets you use fast travel, level up professions, and acquire gear and cosmetics that would otherwise require prolonged grinding.

It is also necessary for effective participation in the player-driven economy. You can make some gold from just about any activity in the MMORPG. Yet, some methods are much more efficient than others. In this article, you will learn about the best sources of gold in the Shadowlands expansion and why you should or should not choose them.

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World Quests and Callings

Completing quests and killing monsters are the most basic gold-making activities in WoW. However, the income from most PvE activities can seldom compete with what you can do by crafting or trading. Cutting-edge instances can only be farmed with great preparation and effort, while legacy content is seldom worth the trouble.

Repeatable World Quests from the latest content are your best shot, especially if you are trying to earn gold on your own. They are relatively quick and easy to run while offering good rewards.

What truly makes them worthwhile is the Calling system. Callings are daily quests connected to the Covenants that call for you to travel to a region in the Shadowlands and complete various activities there. Those activities can include defeating bosses or playing through World Quests.

On top of their rewards, you will receive a Tribute Chest once you have met the Calling’s progress threshold. The chest’s contents fetch a good price with NPC vendors. Furthermore, Callings are the best source for Shadowlands faction reputations. If you already have an Exalted reputation with a faction, every 10,000 reputations will grant you a Paragon Chest with more items to sell, ensuring the best possible haul.

Command Table Adventures

Command Table Adventures

Adventures are an auto battle-lite upgrade to the old Missions system. Installing a Command Table at your Covenant’s sanctum allows you to send out companions and troops on those off-screen assignments. If the team composition and tactics you give them prove up to the task, you will earn gold and items you can sell.

The rewards from adventures may seem rather unimpressive. However, they can provide a steady income in exchange for minimal effort on your part. All you will need to do is recruit companions, level them up, and send them out on missions.

Professions and Auction House

Selling items to other players is still the surest way to make gold quickly. Gathering professions such as Mining present a tempting possibility in that vein for PvE-focused players in particular. Harvesting materials for sale goes hand in hand with the usual farming routine.

That is especially true for Skinning, which uses the bodies of monsters you may have killed and looted anyway. Mining, Herbalism, or Fishing will often require you to travel further off the beaten path. Yet, the results may be worth it, especially with the former two, as their harvests are in high demand among many crafters.

Gold making with crafting professions is more tricky, as you will have to buy some or all of your materials while paying more attention to market dynamics. Still, crafting Legendary items offers an obvious route for a profit with nearly all such professions.

Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing produce base items for use in Legendary crafting. Inscription creates Missives to grant them secondary stat bonuses. Enchanting and Alchemy may be the best gold-making choices because, in addition to making advanced materials for endgame crafting, they also offer upgrades and consumables that are reliably in high demand.

If you really want to make money with professionals, you should at least learn the basics of your server’s player market. Pay attention to changing prices in the Auction House and modify your offerings accordingly. One simple trick is to sell raid consumables after the weekly reset when more people will be scrambling to get ready for their run.

Those with the time, resources, and inclination to play the market could study it in greater depth and plan ahead. They could also use flipping – buying up items at low cost to sell them more dearly later. The Auction House “minigame” is not for everyone, but it can be fun as well as very profitable.

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