WRX Coin Price Prediction, WazirX Forecast – Is It A Good Investment? 

by Investing 27 October 2021

WRX Coin Price Prediction

When it comes to Wrx Coin price prediction, there are several questions that we would like to address. Among them, one of the most commonly asked questions revolves around whether it is a good investment in 2021? To answer this question, the first and foremost thing you need to know is the latest WazirX predictions and trends. Through this technical analysis, it is possible to make some predictions and answer the above question. 

There are a plethora of cryptocurrencies all over the world whose prices go through upswings and downswings every day. Hence, investment in cryptocurrency is a matter of concern to every digital currency trader. This guide would today speak about Wrx coin price prediction and through several analyses. Also, the article would help you assess whether it’s a worthy investment through WazirX token price prediction.

What Is WRX Coin?

What Is WRX Coin

Before we hop on to WRX Coin Price Prediction, let’s first learn what WRX coin is. WazirX or WRX coin is India’s one of the fastest-growing platforms for cryptocurrency exchange. Being launched back in the year 2018, at present, it has a total number of 400,000 users.

Its owner is Nischal Shetty, who has become a brand in India by himself. WRX is basically known as WazirX’s Utility Token and is closely linked to Binance Blockchain. Some of the unique features of WazirX include:

  • Login using the Binance option
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal options
  • Smart Token Fund enables crypto-investors to find out the pro traders and allows them to manage the portfolio. 
  • Availability of 80+ tokens
  • The total supply of WRX coins is $1 billion in the market. 
  • In addition, there are various rewards for the token holders like airdrop, WRX trade winning, free discounts, etc.
  • Over the last decade, WRX has received consistent support from the leading entrepreneurs of the country. Over time, in 2019 November, Binance acquired WazirX. 

So what do you think the objective of WazirX is? It aims to make crypto investments easily accessible to everyone in India.

Market Rank/Market Cap

Now that you have gained a sound idea of what WazirX is let’s move a step closer to WRX coin price prediction. The first step here is to know the WazirX market rank or market cap. 

The analysis of the cryptocurrency market cap depends on the data obtained over the last 24 hours. So as per this analysis, the WazirX coin market cap is ranking at #152 and has a live cap of $418,822,347.69 USD on today’s date, that is 2nd October 2021.  

Market RankMarket Cap WazirX

52 Week High And 52 Week Low

The 52 weeks high and 52 weeks low is another indicator required in the WRX coin price prediction 2021. This 52 weeks high/low analysis gives an idea of how a coin’s future is and what it can perform in the market. So for the WazirX coin, The 51-weeks low price is $0.06275 while the 52-weeks high price is $5/94. We can consider the performance of the coin is more or less healthy over 1 year.

Why Is The Buy Price And Sell Price Different In WRX?

WRX coin price prediction needs to consider the reason why the buy price and selling price are different in WRX. Let me explain the reason here. It’s very common sense why the selling price and buy price are different from each other. The key reason behind this is the profit-making perspective.

Current WRX Coin Price

It is essential to know the current price in order to make a close WRX Coin price prediction. So the WRX coin price today, i.e., 22nd October 2021, is $1.223 USD.

WRX Coin Price Prediction For The Coming Days

Here is a WRX coin price prediction from 23rd October 2021 to 5th November 2021. 

Date Price Min Price Max Price
2021-10-23 Price: 1.351 Min: 1.310 Max: 1.394
2021-10-24 Price: 1.346 Min: 1.303 Max: 1.387
2021-10-25 Price: 1.329 Min: 1.289 Max: 1.369
2021-10-26 Price: 1.320 Min: 1.281 Max: 1.364
2021-10-27 Price: 1.341 Min: 1.301 Max: 1.383
2021-10-28 Price: 1.386 Min: 1.346 Max: 1.427
2021-10-29 Price: 1.394 Min: 1.354 Max: 1.438
2021-10-30 Price: 1.432 Min: 1.390 Max: 1.474
2021-10-31 Price: 1.426 Min: 1.385 Max: 1.467
2021-11-01 Price: 1.410 Min: 1.365 Max: 1.452
2021-11-02 Price: 1.401 Min: 1.359 Max: 1.442
2021-11-03 Price: 1.422 Min: 1.379 Max: 1.465
2021-11-04 Price: 1.467 Min: 1.427 Max: 1.507
2021-11-05 Price: 1.475 Min: 1.431 Max: 1.519

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The WRX Coin Price Prediction 

Graphical Presentation Of Trend Components Of The WRX Coin Price Prediction

Image Source: https://walletinvestor.com/forecast/wazirx-prediction

The WRX coin price prediction 2021 above depicts that the coin’s price would show a rising upward trend. However, it is going to face numerous ups and downs. At the end of the year, the predicted final price of the token will be #3.26. In addition to this, the WRX coin price prediction for 2025 is $7.108 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What Coin Is WRX?

WRX is mainly WazirX’s utility token. It vases on Binance Blockchain. There are a number of facilities for investing in the WazirX coin. The WazirX Coin price prediction is something that is necessary before planning to invest in it.

Q3. Can WRX Reach $10 Soon?

By assessing the current and past health as well as WRX Coin price predictions, it is possible to state that WRX might reach $10 in the future.

Q4. How To Buy WRX Tokens?

Investors can now get WRX tokens by purchasing them from cryptocurrency exchanges easily. Examples of some sources are FTX, HITBTC, Bitcoin.com.exchange, Binance, and Gate.io.

Q5. What Is WRX Coin Price Prediction For 1 Year?

The WRX Coin Price Prediction for 1 year is $2.442 USD. However, the value of the current price is $ 1.332 USD. The Wazirx Token Price prediction INR for 31st Dec 2021 is Rs 1000.

The Verdict – Is WazirX Token A Good Investment? 

Now that you know about WRX coin price prediction 2021, the decision is yours, whether you would take the risk and invest in it. Let me tell you one clear fact that none of the cryptocurrencies are entirely risk-free. So once you start investing in any of the cryptocurrencies of the world, brace yourself for facing ups and downs. However, it can be predicted that WazirX has a prosperous future. If these kinds of improvements keep happening, the coin will reach its “next level” in no time.

Have any doubts? Let us know in the comment section below right now!

Disclaimer: Dear readers, the WRX coin price predictions above and other facts are just assumptions. The data above refers to the information present in the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might change based on the situation. 

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