Do Social Media Contests Help You Boost Your Sales?

by social media 19 July 2022

Social Media Contests

Have you ever won a giveaway in a social media post or content? Even if you have not yet, surely it does not stop you from trying again every time you see such a post. That is the power of social media contests or giveaway posts.

So, as a business, if you ask how you can come up with a quick and definitive way of reaching a greater audience engagement on social media, this is your answer.

Few things beat the excitement of customers when they win something, and this can be a great way to make your brand stand out.

Do you want to learn how to run an efficacious social media contest that leads to conversions? In this post, we will walk through all the steps you need to follow so you can build an engaging relationship with your social media followers. First, you will have to ensure that your business has a stable internet connection.

If not, you can consider shifting to one of the well-known Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Cox. Cox Internet provides many varied plans and packages to cater to a wider audience.

Additionally, they do not require any binding contract or charge a termination fee. They are a suitable option for your digital marketing endeavors, given their fast internet speeds and high bandwidths.

Before we go forward with telling you how these contests are helpful for you, let us tell you a bit about them first.

What Are Social Media Contests?

efficious social media contests

Your company’s social media profiles allow you to run contests that may lead to giveaways. To enter the contest, you can ask people to tag friends, follow the account, repost a picture or answer a short quiz question.

If they follow the instructions and are chosen as the winner, they will receive any incentive you give. Many companies give out free items, gift cards, or other relevant incentives to the winners.

When used correctly, social media contests can support your business growth, increasing followers and engagement and generating more sales.

Here is how you can use it:

Do you have a fan favorite or a product in constant demand? This is your chance to use social media and cash on its popularity!

Simply, identify which product witnesses the most sales, and then include that as the contest reward or free giveaway.

You can also go even further and emphasize the additional benefits of your product in the caption or post. Treat social media contests like mini-promotions for your offerings because they get a lot of attention. This will also help your followers see why you are the best choice for their purchase decision and why your price is worth the value.

2. Encourage purchasing

Organize a giveaway that will give you something in return such as asking your followers to buy a product to enter the competition.

This is an effective strategy for your business. This generates more traffic and sales to your website and physical store and attracts competitors. It will help if you keep a lower monetary limit so that anyone can join in. This will also increase your reach and chances of success.

3. Testimonials and reviews

Social media reviews are just as significant as user-generated content. Both increase the credibility of your brand and help you attract new buyers. Getting product reviews through social media contests is a great way to interact with your customers. This also helps to highlight your following to those who happen to stumble onto your post or brand page.

4. Collaborate with influencers

When opting for giveaways, you can also integrate them with influencer marketing. Social media influencers have a large following that can add to your brand reach.

What you can do is select an influencer that has prior posts relevant to your niche or market, and then send them free giveaways or promotional packages. This will help to draw attention to your products or service, and increase site traffic and ultimately sales.

Benefits of Contests:

social media contests benefits

1. Higher engagement

If your social media activity has dropped, you can restore it by periodically running social media contests. Customer interaction is good for your presence on any platform, so make sure you take advantage of that when setting up the playing field.

2. Increased subscribers

A social media contest helps to increase the number of subscribers or followers. This is when you put in stipulations with the contest, which then leads to higher brand awareness and increased traffic to the site.

3. Higher engagement

If done right a contest is a great way to increase page engagement.

When a page attracts new and pertinent followers, it helps to increase the number of likes comments, shares, etc. as it attracts the right audience to be part of the page. In addition, because it is relevant, they keep coming back to view any new products or updates.

4. Greater visibility

Running online contests is an effective tactic to increase the visibility of your brand, engagement, and followers. Depending on the type of giveaway, it may encourage new users/viewers to follow you, resulting in higher word-of-mouth promotions.

The Final Word

Running social media contests helps to build a customer base for your online presence, but you need to make sure you see results. However, this requires you to first set an objective and make sure your marketing goals are aligned with the overall business objective.

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