Easy Ways to Gain Massive Fan Following on Instagram

by Marketing 05 June 2018

Instagram Marketing

There are over 800 million users on Instagram every month. This means you can engage them for your business and establish a substantial brand presence in the market. If you are struggling to find real followers for your business, the following proved and easy ways will help you to gain a massive fan following on Instagram-

Why Instagram Followers are Important for a Brand?

If you are someone who uses Instagram you will notice that the greater number of followers someone has, the better is their credibility on the social platform. In addition to the engagement rate, the number of instagram followers is a great marker to boost your brand’s popularity and trustworthiness on the social media platform.

If your brand has a high number of followers, people will start taking your brand seriously, engage with you, check out your products or services, and buy or start using them. According to experts, the number of followers directly acts as a form of branding and is important for any brand looking to improve performance and traction on Instagram.

When it comes to increasing Instagram followers and likes, debates on who is better- Getviral versus Growthoid seem to emerge. To be honest, Growthoid is a much better alternative than Getviral as it is a real engagement platform as opposed to Getviral that is a bot platform. You do not want to invite the attention of Instagram and its algorithm towards fake engagement and followers offered by bot platforms. Though some bot platforms try to hide the fact and pretend to be a professional service. Therefore it is important to check review sites such as The Small Business Blog to see if alternate growth services like Trusy Social are what they say they are.

1. Post at least once a day consistently:

The more you post, the more likes and followers you get in a single day. Post consistently at least once every day. There have been studies that reveal that businesses that post once a day, i.e., seven times in a week are more likely to get more fans than those businesses that post less frequently. If you wish to see, positive results get into the rhythm of regular posting on Instagram. In fact, if you are consistent with your posts and you pick up proper engagement, Instagram will place your posts near the feeds of your followers.

2. Post live videos, videos, and stories: 

Instagram might be just a photo-sharing network however you can use it way beyond pictures to invoke a massive fan following for your business. There are features like stories, videos, and live videos you optimally can use for your business. This allows you to create diverse content to engage visitors. In fact, you should post videos for the following reasons-

  • The engagement rates for videos are far more than photos
  • When you are live on Instagram you propel right on the top of the news feed
  • Over 250 million people resort to Instagram Stories daily

3. Quality hashtags:

You may have read about hashtags a lot. However, do you know hashtags play a vital role in bringing in more followers? The secret here is to study them. See the hashtags on your competitor pages. Check the popular and trending hashtags of the day. The correct location tag and hashtag will cast your content to the targeted audience. The reach is wider. You are able to gain a massive fan following. Check out the top instagram apps. Instagram permits a total of 30 hashtags for you to use. If you are looking for maximum engagement use 9 hashtags for your feed. There are free tools for Instagram like Focalmark, Auto Hash, etc. to help you get quality and relevant hashtags for your feed. There is no point in sharing content on Instagram if you do not have the relevant hashtags. Choose them wisely. Place your keywords in these hashtags so that your audience knows what the post is about. Secondly, you can reach out to the people who are looking for you faster.

4. Sharing user-generated content:

Sharing user-generated content helps you gain double the followers you have now. Take the best content around the world and share it on your platform. There has been researching that shows the more user-generated content you share; the chances are high that your visitor will become your customer. The content you share should be relevant to the products or services you are selling. This sharing should be consistent. Your targeted audience will sit up and notice you when you share relevant content that engages them.

5. Collaboration:

Collaborating with others helps you to increase fan following to your account. This may be done via sponsorship or through a partnership. In this way, you can provide value to your audience and reach out to a new audience. In case, you have money to spare, opt for sponsorships on social media via influencer marketing. You can massively increase your fan following with it.

6. Post at the right time:

Time is crucial when you are posting content. There is no universal right time for you to post content to your targeted audience. If you are a new business and have to reach out to new people, it is prudent for you to have a decent number of fan followers. Here, you can get Instagram followers on Grower. This will help you to get started. The best time for you to post on Instagram is when your followers are most active. Check the time when they are active the most and as mentioned above, be consistent and regular with your posts.

7. Refer to analytics:

Refer to your Instagram page analytics to know more about your audience. Being aware of what your audience likes to be engaged with helps you to gain massive followers. Instagram insights will give you the information you seek when it comes to understanding the posts your followers like the best. You may get insights into your posts by tapping on your profile picture. Tap on the bar chart feature. Scroll to the posts and select see more. You will get to look at your posts sorted with impressions. You may tap on the sentence located on the top of the page and adjust the filters. Check for trends. Examine the engagement results. If you want to check more in-depth, you may select the post and evaluate the option “view insights.”

8. Fan engagement:

Instagram engagement is crucial to reach out to a broad audience base. The more your post engages users, the higher its rates of success will be. One of the best ways for you to engage with your customers and followers is to reply to their comments. They have taken the time and the effort to check out your posts and comment. You should not ignore them. Show your appreciation by rendering them a personal touch by commenting and replying to the feedback they have written. It feels nice when you take the time to reciprocate the conversation.

Therefore, if you want to get more followers and fans on Instagram follow the tips mentioned above. Reach out to as many people as you can. The key here is to increase engagement and trust. The more the targeted audience trusts you, the higher the likelihood they will follow you. Be regular with your posts, engage followers with good content, and maintain your personal touch with them always!

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