4 Best Tips for Your Social Media Success

by Startups 23 October 2017

Social Media

Social media is the thing of the 21st century. If someone asks me what’s addiction, I respond with social media. Social media craze seems to many as illogical and a waste of time but in fact, it is quite logical. Social media is the source of amusement and a distraction from the underlying issues everyone faces. People take it as a solution to their boring routines.


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Distraction and entertainment are not the only things social media provides. Social media is much more than that. Social media is used for tutoring, learning, motivation, content creation, visual sharing and much more than that. The possibilities social media has created for each, and every person is innumerable. Where social media has given everyone his space for being creative in any way they like, it also has attracted the attention of marketers.


Social media is a great place for marketing. It allows marketers to do targeted marketing which is a big plus when compared to other marketing methods. For example, a fertilizer advertisement on a billboard will be seen by every sort of person including businessmen, school going children and doctors et cetera, where only anyone relating to the business of farming will find the advert useful. In case of social media, you can target your advert so that it will be mostly seen by only those who are in any way related to the farming business.


If you have been given the task of promoting your business or product on social networks and you have discovered it is not as easy is it seems, we have gathered some tips for you which are sure to increase your chances of success.

Share Wisely

You need to be very cautious about what you are sharing on your brand’s social network account. Each post of you reflects what your business is about and what does the brand offers. That’s why each post needs to be relevant. Furthermore, your posts should be supportive and thoughtful. People should get the whole idea behind each of your posts. Along with that, your posts need to be interesting for the audience. The audience should take an interest in them, add some cheekiness to them so that they will be more engaging.


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Some social sites suggest you ‘relevant’ material to share, which is most of the time a bad idea. This is because the recommended content would be curated by someone and will not represent your brand or product accurately.

Use Images

Sometimes, your audience promotes you. If the audience finds the content engaging, creative and laughable, it will share to their account feeds which will expose your advert to their friends. And this way the traffic at the advert increases considerably.


So, the best way to make your post shareable is to add images to it. Statistics have shown that pictures are most likely to be shared by someone. Plus, add humor or comic graphics which the audience may like. Instagram being the social media of images, many people use models over images to gain followers on Instagram fast.

Do Paid Adverts

Many social networks make it hard for the adverts to be seen by the audience. The reason for this is, these networks need to maintain a percentage of adverts in a user’s feed. This is because no one wants his feed full of adverts. So, the number of adverts a social site shows, the site prioritizes paid adverts over free. So, if you want to increase your advert reach and you have got a decent budget, do consider paid adverts as they are a proper way of expanding the advertisement’s traffic.


Paid adverts also allow you to choose which sort of users would you like to target with your advert. This feature allows you to show your product only to a more relevant audience and people which are more likely to be potential buyers.

Find groups

Communities are everywhere, from the real world to the virtual realm. The particular feature about the online communities, more commonly known as groups, is each community is based on people having something similar. This can be a hobby or same interest in any field.


These groups are great, very efficient and quite an easy way to find potential customers. Just look for groups whose interest is in the same product your brand is featuring. Post adverts as well as special offers to these groups. You will considerably increase your customer growth rate.


Marketing on social media has its difficulties, but it also provides limitless opportunities as well as a vast audience. If done correctly, marketing can catapult your brand to new heights of success.


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