Secrets And Recommendations For Mythic + 20 Raids In World Of Warcraft

by Technology 28 November 2022

Mythic +

Mythic+ is an enhanced version of the regular raid, with an increasing difficulty level as you progress.

Players must complete a more difficult version of the raid in a limited time and receive a more valuable reward. The higher the difficulty level, the stronger the reward, and starts at 281 weapon and armor levels and goes up.

The composition of the group – no more than five members. To enter the dungeon, you must select the difficulty level and, as you progress through the levels of the dungeon, reach Mythic + 20 difficulty level.

To start, you need one of the players to have a Mythic+ key, which can be obtained after killing bosses of previous difficulty levels or obtained from the challenger’s chest.

There are two options for completing the Mythic+ 20 dungeon:

  1. Read a detailed guide on the boss and his retinue, study all the strengths and weaknesses of the dungeon, and gather a group of well-equipped and properly selected players to go through the dungeon in a limited period of time.
  2. Order wow boost 20 mythic from a group of professional players who will take your character to the raid even in the absence of a key, are guaranteed to pass the dungeon and increase the level of your key, and also give all the drop and experience to the player.

Recommendations for Mythic+ 20 raid

Keep in mind that Mythic+ 20 is already a raid of increased difficulty, where the boss and his retinue will have enhanced health and armor characteristics and a high attack rate.

To better prepare, you need to follow a few rules, and have an appropriately selected group and equipment.

Group members

To successfully complete a raid of this level of difficulty, you need to have at your disposal a properly selected group of a tank, a healer, and three DDs designed for two types of targets – AoE damage, quick damage to the boss, and damage to strong guards.


I advise you to consider the death knight – as a new class and a combination of defensive and attacking types. DK is good for his skills and if used correctly, he will be able to perform three tasks at once:

  1. Hold a lot of targets while your AoEs destroy them.
  2. Attack targets and help your damage dealers, reducing the burden on the healer.
  3. If necessary, the running speed of the DK is enough to lead monsters while Mages or archers destroy them.


You need a full-fledged healer, not a healing mage. A class capable of replenishing a large amount of HP at once, inflicting strong regeneration, and removing negative effects without spending a lot of mana. Shamans, or healers, are great.

An accelerated resurrection will also come in handy, given that in Mythic + raids, you can raise the fallen no more than 5 times, and points are replenished every 10 minutes.


In all raids, and in Mythic + 20, a DD is especially needed, which can quickly and effectively deal high damage to multiple targets.

Perfect Mage or Archer

The type of damage – physical or magical – practically does not matter, but the archer will also deal more damage to the boss after all unnecessary targets are eliminated.

DD on single targets

You always need a DD who can quickly deal the main damage to the boss and at the same time destroy strong guards that can harm your tank.

Perfect for Warrior.

Additional DD

The last position of the DD needs to be filled with a versatile character that can effectively deal damage to the boss and at the same time help the warrior in the fight against the guards.

An excellent option would be a robber or a warlock.


Deals high damage on single targets, is good at destroying strong guards and deals increased damage to the boss from the back when interacting with a tank.


Imposes many negative effects, which are obviously amplified by charging from each other. In a dungeon with numerous monsters and boss guards, you can charge well and cause great damage to the head of the dungeon due to the debuffs of all opponents and the boss. By the time your party members kill all the guards, the boss will already lose some of his health.

If you and the group do not invest in the dungeon timer or die at one of the stages, then the bar is too high, and you need to run into the dungeon weaker in order to accumulate enough good equipment for all members of the squad and try again.

It makes no sense to spend precious keys on a raid that is obviously possible. Go down to the difficulty that you farm comfortably and even beat your own record – this will allow you to receive an additional reward for two random players and quickly accumulate good equipment and try again, strengthening yourself and your allies.


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