7 Universal Components Of Successful Mobile Applications

by Technology Published on: 30 November 2022 Last Updated on: 08 December 2023


Since smartphones rocked the world, businesses have learned to take advantage of mobile solutions – or risk becoming obsolete. The number of current smartphone users worldwide is 6.64 Billion.

That’s 8 out of every ten persons worldwide! App usage statistics don’t lie, either. Users spend 85% of their smartphone time on apps.

To appreneurs, these statistics beg some questions. Apps are no doubt profitable. But can my mobile app development solution cut it out in the market? Here, we’ll examine the must-haves of every successful application.

There Is No Alternative To Creating A Brilliant Idea And Solution

A brilliant app idea and a quality product work pari passu to building a successful mobile application. No matter how quality and breathtaking your application is, it will never be successful if it doesn’t solve a problem.

On the other hand, if you have a brilliant software idea, a poor product will prevent it from building an excellent audience base, so as you research your app concept, back it up with a quality product.

So that you know, your idea doesn’t have to be the most sophisticated concept. Once it has a solution and an audience, you’re good to go!

Take Todoist or Uber as an example. Uber makes chartering cabs easier, while Todoist helps you plan your daily schedule. Although built on regular concepts, these apps exploited lucrative opportunities that resulted in huge successes.

It Boasts Of A Robust App Security System

Another factor determining whether your software will succeed is its security system. With ever-increasing cybercrimes, data privacy concerns have become a topic amongst users. Most apps today demand personal details. And no one wants to put his information on a vulnerable system.

App Security System

For instance, some apps demand a name, date of birth, or specific credentials to access their services. To make in-app purchases, it asks for a debit card. Do users trust your app security to provide these sensitive details? So, to build a successful app, never compromise on security.

Once hackers access apps, they intrude on user details for their gains. Intrusion, in turn, damages your relationship with customers, which would be almost impossible to recover.

Sometimes, using the right development personnel gets you robust Security. Mobile app development outsourcing to agencies guarantees more robust security systems than hiring freelancers. They have the finest cyber security protocols and engineers to ensure your app remains safe.

An Intuitive, Adaptive, And User-Friendly Design

Your app’s design and navigational capabilities determine whether it will make the cut. The best applications – TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp – have simple yet awesome designs. Your app design must be beautiful, reliable, flexible, and modern. Otherwise, it will cripple the user experience.

User-Friendly Design

Good software designs start with an adaptive screen. Smartphones vary based on length and screen resolutions. Hence, your app must adapt to different screen environments. Plus, it should incorporate newer technologies – embedded payment options, personalization, dark modes, fingerprint scanner, seamless integration with other apps – the list is inexhaustive! Moreover, it needs to have a good interface that is both visually appealing and easy to use. Fortunately, you can find plenty of unity assets & templates online to help you get started with your high-standard design.

A good customer experience translates to a successful app. It means users spend more time on your app, and you acquire new users and retain them better. Over time, you generate more revenue and build the foundations for a successful app startup.

Successful Applications Are Lightening Fast

Speed is so vital to every app’s success that 25% of users claim they abandon apps if it takes too long to load. An ideal mobile app has better chances of maintaining user retention by taking around 4 seconds to load. Anything that takes longer, you risk the app getting abandoned or even uninstalled.

Successful Applications Are Lightening Fast

That is why it’s essential to test your software prelaunch to determine its speed. Make sure any bug or hitch that could slow down your app gets eliminated. Plus, you should always maintain speed when launching new app updates.

They Provide High-Quality And Seamless Customer Support

A critical aspect of building a successful app is providing high-quality customer service. Yet, many app startups overlook this necessary process. Amazon owner Jeff Bezos summed it up

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Statistics don’t lie, either. According to Hubspot, 68% of customers said they’re willing to pay more for products from a brand where they receive good customer service experience. So, create more than just quality applications. Incorporate measures that will provide quality customer support.

Customer Support

The following tips can help app entrepreneurs build a quality customer service platform.

  • Provide FAQs and answers. Thus, reducing the need for direct contacts and support tickets.
  • Provide immediate and adequate information on any new changes to your app features
  • Ensure that customers don’t have to leave the app to contact your customer support
  • Attend to customer issues as soon as possible. You can also facilitate follow-up systems that attend to customers needing further help.
  • You can introduce new technologies to customer support. Chatbots, for example, answer customer questions without a support team.

With customer support, your customers get solutions while navigating your app. It boosts their experience and satisfaction. Using your app makes them more likely to give you 5-star reviews!

Its Developers Use Appropriate Revenue System

If you’re not developing apps for charity, your solution’s ultimate success is based on the revenue generated. You’d want to recoup your investment and make enough profit on your app.

Popular software revenue generation strategies include:

Appropriate Revenue System
  • Free downloads
  • Paid applications
  • Subscription
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertisements etc.

Meanwhile, aligning the right solution with a fitting monetization model often determines profit. Users can pay for apps like Adobe Photoshop or AutoCAD because it facilitates crucial professional tasks. Alternatively, apps like Uber use a suitable monetization model through in-app purchases (cab booking).

In comparison, solutions provided by simple apps like Todoist are insignificant to warrant a fee charge. Hence, its suitable monetization models are free downloads and adverts.

It Provides A Made-Easy Onboarding System

Another feature of successful applications – although often overlooked – is onboarding. It creates the first impression on users about your app’s usability.

For instance, many apps bore users during signup by asking them to fill out lengthy forms. While some information is necessary, others can be added later. Upon facing an enormous onboarding process, the user abandons or deletes the app.

That’s why your onboarding process must be simple. You certainly don’t want to create a first impression of your app being complex. So, ask for little important details during sign-up. Here are valuable tips to simplify onboarding for users.

Onboarding System
  • Only ask for the information that you need.
  • Give them enough onboarding options. That is, they can sign up using their Email and password. They can also utilize existing accounts like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Once onboarding gets completed, add a call to action.
  • Don’t bore your users with too much information. Identify the key details succinctly.
  • Provide the option to skip
  • Focus on the app benefits, not necessarily its features

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