ROI Vs Side Hustle What’s The Difference?

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Return of investments, or the ROI, is a mathematical formula by which you can calculate the investment type and other profit-making chances. But side hustle is an entirely different concept. What does ROI stand for? Roi stands for the return on investments.

When considering a second income, it all comes down to your finances and your time. If you have extra time and want to work, then finding a side hustle might just be for you, and if you have extra money and looking to make it work for you, then finding absentee owner businesses might be the right option. So a side hustle is a way of making money outside of a regular job or running your own business

ROI Vs Side Hustle

A side hustle allows you to earn an additional income with the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss and pursue your passions. Embarking on one can also be a good way for small business handlers to generate an additional cash flow. And then earn an income on top of operating their own business. 

Small business handlers can use this one and develop additional skills and experiences. They can also improve productivity along with the profitability of their own ‘primary’ business. On the other hand, ROI means the return on investment. 

In these businesses, one has to make investments and doesn’t have to do anything. It’s not like a side hustle business in which you have to work to earn. In ROI businesses, you just have to invest money, and your money will be returned to you as an income based on your business type. 

So if you have money, but you don’t have time to work, then you can invest your money to earn more.

What are some examples of a side hustle?

side hustle

1. Sell Items On Etsy

Etsy is a great platform for you to sell your products as a side hustle business. You know what does ROI mean. And If you want to sell the items on Etsy, this will go to be a strategy for handling the side hustle.

2. Freelance

Whatever you have a job you can, try doing a few extra hours of freelance capacity each week to increase your income.

3. Write An Ebook

Writing a self-published book or any type of e-book selling on Amazon is a nice side hustle idea, particularly for creative bloggers or for those who are in the existing communities. 

4. Sell Out Unwanted Household Items On Facebook Marketplace.

If you have unwanted products or other types of clothing items around the house. Just snap it and sell it. Take a picture, set the price, list your items, share the items among your friends and earn more money.  

5. Start A Moving Company Or Commercial Route.

Buying Routes for sale like bread delivery or even a moving company, With the help of a truck and a few strong friends, you can start booking moving jobs.  

Options Which You Try For Handling The Side Hustle

Handling The Side Hustle

What are some examples of an owner absentee business? You will understand the difference between the ROI Vs side hustle.

1. Real Estate Business 

This is the business model. By following this, you can buy properties from the owners and then resell them to a buyer and make a profit on them.

2. Print On Demand Business 

This is a business idea that you can run with and make money from even with little expertise and/or absence from the place your market is. You can make the designs of various items such as boho clothes, baggy t-shirts, face musk and caps, tote bags, e.t.c.

3. Rental Business 

The rental business involves buying items or materials that people often need, especially during occasions like weddings, parties, get-togethers, e.t.c.

Where Should You Start With? 

A side hustle can also be going to increase your daily or monthly income significantly or just within a few hours or a week. It will be extra support with a little bit of extra money while some unexpected work situation arises. 

With both techniques, ROI and hustle business, you can do something to earn extra money while you’re working.  The money earned using a side hustle can be invested in some absentee owner businesses for which you don’t have to do anything. You just have to invest the money and get income based on your business type.


Starting with a business, whether it’s a side hustle or absentee owner, requires hard work and dedication. If you have time and money, then you can do both businesses at the same time, but if you don’t have time but have money, then absentee owner businesses are best for you. I think the ROI and side hustle handling techniques are clear for you.

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