5 Ways for Millennials to Start Saving Money Now

by Finance Published on: 25 December 2018 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

Saving Money

If you’re a millennial, odds are money is tight for you. It’s not your fault, at least not entirely; with college loans and high living expenses, it’s easy to understand if you’re just living paycheck to paycheck. But if you want to start paying off some of your debt and maybe start saving up for something special in the future, you’re going to have to make some changes in the ways you handle money. The good news is there are plenty of easy ways you can do that without disrupting your life too much. If you’re a millennial, here are five ways you can start saving money right now.

Get A Roommate:

Most of us would probably prefer to live alone, but it’s not going to be what’s best for you financially. Getting a roommate, or possibly two, can cut your rent in half in most places, and once you have a roommate you’ll start to notice all the money you’re saving after only a few months. If living with your parents, ideally rent-free is an option, it’s not a bad one to explore, at least for a little while. Regardless, of when you leave the nest, it’s best to have roommates with you to keep costs down until that savings account starts to grow a little.

Make Your Own Coffee:

Young people are obsessed with their coffee, but going to a coffee shop every morning for a frapuccino or a cappuccino or a mocha latte is a massive waste of money. Yes, the extra foam, the drizzle of caramel, and the whipped cream on top make it look and taste like the nectar of the Gods, but the daily coffee habit of millennials practically costs an arm and a leg. Buying a fancy coffee every day costs thousands of dollars per year. Instead, invest in a coffee machine, some good beans, and a $4 bottle of creamer that will last a month so you can make coffee yourself. The money you save will be mind-boggling. If you must visit a coffee shop, at least get something less expensive or start ordering a smaller size to help cut costs.

Make Small Sacrifices:

Okay, so changing your coffee routine may be a big sacrifice, but look for other ways to save small amounts of money here and there, and over a long period of time it’ll add up to a lot. For instance, turn off lights when you’re not home, turn down the heat or air conditioning a couple degrees, and take shorter showers; all of those will save money and help the environment at the same time. You can also try settling for a cheaper cable plan, buying generic brands at the grocery store, and eating out less. Write down the things you do on a daily basis, and surely you’ll find little areas where you can save small amounts of money that will add up over time.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other People:

Just because someone you know spent hundreds of dollars on the latest smartphone or took a trip to Europe doesn’t mean you have to spend money doing the same thing. Everybody’s different, so don’t feel like you need to overspend and get further into debt just so you can keep up with the Jones. After all, how do you know your friend didn’t eat ramen and live in a dark apartment for six months to pay for that trip? Live within your means and spend your money on things you want, not on stories that will impress your friends at your next get together.

Find Alternative Transportation:

Taking cabs or calling Uber may sound like a great idea, but it’s also expensive and usually an unnecessary luxury, so save it for special occasions, like when you’re stranded across town at 3 in the morning. For your day-to-day travel, utilize subways, buses, and other forms of public transportation if you can. Even if you have a car, taking public transportation when possible will help you save on gas. Also, in the right city look into the possibility of riding a bike to get to work or get around town; it’ll help you save on a gym membership and save on transportation costs, which is huge for any millennial who are hoping to save money.

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