Delivering Business ROI by Investing in Wire Rope Products

by Business Planning & Opportunities Published on: 01 May 2019 Last Updated on: 02 December 2021

Obtaining a return on investment is a priority for all businesses. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a financial gain; it could be ROI in the form of other intangible benefits (e.g. improved health and safety). Here we explore wire ropes, and the tremendous return they offer for what is always a relatively modest investment. Should you wish to look into purchasing some wire ropes once you have read this article, you could check out manufacturers like to see some examples of the options that are available.

What exactly are wire rope products?

Resembling natural fibre ropes the difference with wire rope is that it is man-made with either steel or stainless steel wires. Wire rope is made by winding together several metal wires to form strands. These strengths are woven around each other, to form a strong central core of wire rope. This means that when in use the strength is in all the individual wires, which take the strain together.

What applications can wire rope be used for?

There are many uses of wire ropes; it depends on the particular application needed. Factors such as operating conditions are very important. Qualities such as strength, resistance to crushing, abrasion, and deformity will be especially valuable in certain uses. Examples of uses include running ropes, like cables and stationary ropes, as track ropes and in wire rope slings.

There are many types of wire rope, each of which has a special application

Ways in which wire rope can deliver business ROI

There are numerous ways in which wire rope helps to deliver a business return on investment, we have summarised some of these below:

1. Increasing the lifespan of related equipment:

Wire rope itself has a relatively low cost compared to the equipment it works with. Therefore, the main ROI benefit of wire rope is that it extends the life of the associated equipment. Wire rope is designed for repeated use, this is particularly beneficial in gyms as an example where most of the equipment uses wire rope.

2. Improved health and safety in the workplace:

Although not directly a financial ROI, improved health and safety is the pursuit of all responsible employers. Investment in high-quality wire rope helps with the reliability of lifting equipment and should always be used when employees are involved in lifting tasks.

Using wire rope safety equipment (e.g. harnesses), will show employees their health and wellbeing is valued and that the lifting needed represents no risk to them. Also, compliance with health and safety laws and regulations will enable organizations to avoid fines and the embarrassments associated with related process failures.

3. Working in hazardous environments:

Wire rope can be used in many environments where other types of rope can’t, particularly in hazardous environments. Steel wire rope offers resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and is ideal for use outdoors. Natural ropes and fibres would be unsuitable for these types of environments. This is why wire rope has seen such high take-up in marine, chemicals, and oil & gas industries.

4. Shock and vibration protection:

Wire rope is also useful in shock and vibration protection. This is particularly useful in industries where shocks and vibration occur (e.g. mining and oil/gas exploration). Wire rope isolators protect valuable equipment from suffering from shock and vibration damage. This protection is worth potentially hundreds of times the modest investment made in wire rope.

5. Variety and versatility for different applications:

There are a vast number of types of wire rope available, which suit a wide variety of applications. Businesses need to select the optimum wire rope to suit their purposes, but in doing so, will increase the reliability of lifting operations and in doing so their profits. If in doubt, businesses should seek independent advice from a quality wire rope as to which type best suits their purposes. In all circumstances, the correct type of wire rope needs to be used for maximum business efficiency and employee protection.


We hope you have enjoyed this article and it has “opened your eyes” to the world of possibilities, which wire rope presents in business for obtaining an extra return on investment.

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