Top 5 Money Making Investments You Need To Consider In 2020

by Investing Published on: 06 July 2020 Last Updated on: 30 March 2022

Money Making Investments


  • Are you looking for a decently high income generating investment opportunity in the aftermath of Coronavirus?
  • Do you know which investments are likely to offer solid returns in the next couple of years?
  • Have you tried exploring avenues like Cryptocurrencies, equities, precious metals (Rhodium and son on) for your investments?

It is no secret that economies and financial markets have been badly shaken because of the pandemic. Yet investor confidence in new as well as old financial assets continues to soar. Experts continue to warn investors, that it is best to diversify your investment portfolio in 2020.

However, with the stock markets tanking, investor confidence has not been the same. This means that even though people want to make money, they are unsure of which assets to invest in. In this article, we point out the top five money making investments, which investors need to focus on in 2020.

Top 5 Money Making Investments in 2020: The List

1. Cryptocurrencies-


When nearly every asset showing a southward trend, it is only the crypto markets going north! The pandemic has amply demonstrated that investments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a great and safe option. Governments too are approaching the same in a sympathetic manner.

With experts predicting Bitcoin to rise in value, you can surely consider it a safe investment option. Investors need to think of Bitcoin as long-term insurance. This will be the best way to get their money’s worth from the asset. You can read more information here.

2. Precious Metals-

We are not referring to the normal precious metals like gold, silver, or even platinum. Investing in precious metals in 2020 means looking at Iridium, Rhodium, Indium, and others. These metals are going to be in high demand in different industries in the next few years.

Power and mining sectors, automobile sectors, and even your electrical appliances are all going to need these metals. This is why it is a good idea to invest in them right now. While the prices may be on the higher side, however, you are investing for high gains in the future.

3. Real Estate-

Real Estate

While this is something, which retail investors should shy away from, big investors can take calculated risks. The demand for real estate in the pandemic has dropped significantly. This means that you can pick up great properties for a handsome deal.

However, you need to be aware of sticking with them for a couple of years, until the market bounces back. Experts suggest that you should only invest in real estate if you have the money to back it up for the next few years. You cannot expect quick returns from this investment.

4. Equities-


There is no doubt that the market for equities has slowed down. However, they still provide some favorable opportunities, even during the slowdown. Equities have always been able to give long-term results to investors.

The nature of equities has changed over time. Investors can favorably choose startup equities and invest as seed partners. This can help them park their equities in high growth startups and sell them when they feel the time is right. However, it is important to place your bets on the right company, to begin with.

5. Traditional Savings-

Traditional Savingsg

Traditional savings continue to be one of the safest and most sought after savings in the world. Savings, PPF, FDs, and Life Insurances continue to be of great value for retail investors. However, they provide security and not growth or returns. This is something you should bear in mind.

Experts suggest that you should invest 20% of your total investments in traditional savings for security. This is what you would be doing to ensure your future and not your immediate present. This is also something, which will never be at risk.


If you play your cards right as an investor, you will be making money even during the pandemic. You should not wait for this opportunity. By focussing on the various assets mentioned in the article, you can improve your earnings, gain security, and remain in the thick of the action.

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