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by Technology 25 January 2019

Google Pixel

Pixel 3, a smartphone to taste the Google’s take on baking the Android Operating System. Pixel 3 was launched back in October 2018 and is the third iteration of the Google-branded Android device. You know that it will be getting the first and best of Android if it is a Pixel device. Google released the stable version of Android Pie v8.0 with their Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which brings a new, more rounded UI, with loads of new features to the table. Google is a software company. It sources the mainstream hardware from the manufacturers and adds a sprinkle of their software magic to make their devices stand out the crowd.

Where the brands like OnePlus are launching their special edition devices with 10 gigs of RAM, Google is still sticking with the basic 4GB of DDR4 RAM and still manages to give to lag-free experience. Here is the list of the best features that you’ll find and love in Google Pixel 3.

  1. Smart Call Screening: How many times it has happened that you just want to spend some time alone, in peace, but people just can’t stop calling you? Google’s Call Screening feature will take a call for you. Might be your contact or someone unknown, you can make Google assistant attend that call for you. Though it will let the caller know that you are using the call screening and ask for the caller to identify themselves if it is not in your contacts. The conversation will be transcribed real time, on the screen. You can then mark the caller as the spam or pick it up if it is really important.
  2. Night Sight: Pixel devices are known for their exceptionally well-tuned camera software that let Pixel take photos similar to professional cameras. Pixel 3’s camera is capable of making wonders. One of those features is Night Sight. Usually, you might crank up the ISO to the extreme, if you know a thing or two about photography, to click a well-lit photo in the night. But higher ISO gives you more Noise. So Google has created an algorithm for their Pixel 3 camera that will click the well-lit photo in extremely dark conditions while preserving true colors and eliminating noise. That really seems like some magic. And all that using the Machine Learning and not the LED flash.
  3. Top Shot: Another Pixel 3’s software feature is the Top Shot. It will click an array of photos in HDR plus, essentially the burst shot, and let you choose the best of them. It does come handy when some sneeze might ruin the best moments.
  4. Super Res Zoom: Another software feature that Google introduced with their Pixel 3 is the Super-Res Zoom. Optical Zoom is impossible to implement while keeping the slim form factor of the smartphones. So the brands have been trying to enhance the digital zoom for their devices. And Google cracked it with their Super Res Zoom. It uses the AI to preserve the details and keep the image sharp. And I don’t have to tell you if it works, you can see it for yourself.
  5. Camera Shortcut: Pixel 3 is a camera-centric smartphone so it only makes sense to provide a camera shortcut button. Out of the box, you can double press the power button to launch the camera application instantly. No matter if the phone is locked or you’re deep in some app, you can just double press the power button and it will launch the camera.
  6. Free Photos Backup: What does owning a Pixel Device gets you? Free Unlimited Photo and video backup. You do get unlimited photos backup in any Android device. But that’s high quality. With the pixel device, you get the free unlimited ‘Original Quality’ Photos and video backup to your Google account.
  7. Digital Wellbeing: Smartphones have turned into the addiction and that is not a secret anymore. So to let people know about their addiction level, Google has introduced a new feature to their Pixel device, starting with Pixel 3. It will track your activities and let you know if you’re using your Pixel too much. If you are that kind of user, this Pixel 3 might save you from your addiction.
  8. Dark Mode: Google has finally implemented the Dark Mode in the system UI. Considering that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL comes with the OLED screen panels, the Dark mode will only help in saving the battery. Most of you might know that on an OLED screen, the black pixels are turned off, resulting In deeper blacks and less load on the battery. Enabling the dark mode is going to make your battery lasts a couple hours longer. It was one of the most awaited features of the stock Android.
  9. Dedicated Security Chip: The new Pixel 3 comes with a dedicated Security chip, called Titan M. Earlier the security data like the fingerprint data, main passwords were kept and processed using the same memory chip and were processed through the same processor as used by the System. Making it relatively easier for experts to snoop in that data. With the Titan M chip, that sensitive information is kept separately in the Titan M chip and is processed through a separate SPU, security processing unit. Making the Pixel 3 safer and secure than the other devices in the market.
  10. Playground: Playground is Google’s AR, embedded in the camera application. It lets you add the fun animated live characters with you in the frame, which you can Interact with to make your photos a little more interactive. Gone are the days of those alone selfies. Google has animated characters to accompany you.

Google Pixel 3 is a flagship-grade device with Google’s home-developed algorithm. Those algorithms make the single back camera module in the Pixel, outperform the dual or triple camera setups on other flagship devices. Google has bought many features with their Pixel 2, like AI Portrait, always-on display with music recognition, hybrid image stabilization and dual front-facing speakers.

Do not forget to check Flipkart offers to save you some bucks on your latest Pixel device. With Pixel 3, google had aimed to improve those features while adding a few on them to improve the complete user experience and making the device more useful. Pixel 3 is available in 64GB and 128GB variant. You can buy the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on Flipkart, starting at ₹71,000 onwards.

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