Best WordPress Themes for Business Websites

by Technology Published on: 21 January 2017 Last Updated on: 23 September 2023

Best WordPress Themes

Blogging is the most engaging way of enhancing your online presence, and the whole process becomes a lot easier if it is coupled with an equally impeccable website. Having a blog that has all the design and functional features that make it stand out from the crowd is a great advantage in itself but what makes it even great is the fact that you can enjoy writing rich content without having to worry about the rest. If chosen properly, a WordPress blog theme can entirely change the way you and your readers look at your blog and also essentially how you post content. This is especially true because a blog-customized theme allows you to focus on delivering awesome content without bothering you with all the unnecessary clutter and jargon as it takes care of the rest for you.

If you are already running a successful blog, there are high chances that you know exactly what we are talking about, but if you are just starting in 2017 and want something cool for your blog we have got you covered too. The themes we have collected in this list take all the best design and functional cues from 2016 and then wraps them under all the elegance and design embellishments of 2017. This, in essence, creates a spiffy blend for you to give your blog that beautiful touch it requires helping you excel in any blogging niche. Keeping all that in mind, in this post we have collected a comprehensive list of only 10 Best WordPress Blog themes, one of which, we are sure you will find great enough to glorify your blog in 2017.

Best WordPress Themes for Business Websites:

1. Sensational:

Bring the awesomeness of your blog to the fullest and convert it into something truly “Sensational” with this elegant theme. You get access to a lot of features that allow you to play with colors and layout styles, making your website a great portal to showcase your content or products. It is simply one of the Best Blog WordPress Themes for setting up a stunning and fabulous WordPress blog.

2. MyBlog:

If you are a serious blogger dealing with serious content and want something equally serious for your blog, then MyBlog might just be the one for you. The theme promises to elevate the design and permeation of your blog with a design that looks professional and has all the features to help you create a large brand. MyBlog is one of the best WordPress Premium Themes to look in 2017 for setting up a highly responsive blog.

3. Ad-Sense:

We all have to agree that even if you are running a blog just out of leisure and as a hobby, at some point you have to think about monetization and that’s exactly where Ad-Sense comes to the rescue. The theme comes jam-packed with features that will help you to earn easy bucks on the go. Some of these features include better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection, and content locking for ad-block users.

4. socialMe:

The way people access information has changed drastically over the past couple of years from traffic generated from search engines to traffic targeting through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If your content promises to catch the eye of people through its title, then socialMe will take care of the rest by customizing your website in a way that can attract more attention through social networking.

5. Radiate Pro:

Radiate Pro will help your blog content radiate elegance and spiff with its unique design that is bound to attract visitors and then keep them coming back for more. The theme is clean, creative, and retina and supports the awesome Parallax feature which makes your content all the more attractive. The theme also integrates primary color options, custom backgrounds, custom CSS, and a lot of other features directly through WordPress Customizer, giving you all the more reason to focus on content creation.

6. Authority:

The quality of a good blog that attracts more visitors and then converts them into loyal readers is authenticity and authority, and that is exactly what this theme promises to provide. It is packed with features and customizations and uses Mathew Woodward’s six-figure blog as its base so that you can benefit from all the goodness it is bound to provide.

7. Paperbag:

Running a lifestyle or fashion blog and want something creative and functional for the same? Paperbag has got you covered with all its features that have been specifically designed to handle that and then a lot more. The theme also has great typography ensuring the smoothest reading experience to your loyal audience.

8. Posty:

Creativity and simplicity are two words that sum it up for Posty, and it is one of those themes that does all the work without much bragging. This and a lot of other features makes Posty a great way to present your content and share your adventures with your targeted audience.

9. HowTo:

HowTo, as the name suggests is a theme that has been specifically designed for people who like to share their knowledge and experience with people on “how to” go about things. The theme is professional grade and is perfect for content heavy websites and makes for an awesome reading experience which is further accentuated by its layout, navigation, responsive design, and readability optimization.

10. Blogging:

The last one on our list is for people who are ardent bloggers and wish to spend time on writing content without having to bother about the technical aspects of website building. Blogging is a fully responsive theme built using HTML5 and CSS3 and comes packed with custom widgets and search engine optimization which all combine to elevate the ranking of your website without having to type in a single line of code. More Upcoming WordPress Page.


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