Top 5 Uses For QR Codes In Real Estate

by Real Estate Published on: 10 September 2022 Last Updated on: 11 November 2022

QR Codes In Real Estate

According to imarc, the value of the global real estate market stood at US$ 6,883 Billion in the year 2021. With the expected CGAR of 1.90%, the real estate market is expected to grow to a value of US$ 7,806 Billion by 2027.

Infrastructures like commercial properties, hospitality, and retail real estate, which are considered essential for the growing nation, have also seen significant growth in recent years.

Real estate firms have emerged to be the primary home providers as they assist millions of families in owning a home each year. However, with the increase in multiple top real estate companies, the competition in the real estate industry has become extremely fierce.

Now potential home buyers have multiple options to choose from and buy, thus making survival and succeeding in this market a big challenge. The need for employing innovative and effective tools such as QR codes for real estate has increased to stay relevant and successful in the industry.

Here Are The Top Five Uses For QR Codes In Real Estate:

QR codes can be easily created using Flowcode, which is an extremely easy and efficient QR code generator for real estate. With their ability to capture customer contact information and manage leads, QR codes can be a miracle for any real estate business and boost sales. Let’s checkout.

1) Automates the process

QR Codes Process

QR Codes ease the process of generating qualified leads and scheduling visits for your real estate business. Any prospective buyer interested in your services can quickly scan the QR code given on a poster, advertisement, social media post, or leaflet and fill up a lead form. 

The QR codes can also be used to make a call as an alternative, thus automating the appointment booking process.

Automating the procedure significantly saves time and helps to do things on the go rather than limiting it to in-person meetings, viewing, and transactions.

The world is gradually transitioning into the realm of online information exchange, and QR codes are a major step in this shift for the real estate industry. This could mean leaps and bounds of growth for the real estate industry, as e-viewing breaks through physical limitations.

2) Share your portfolio and details in seconds

In today’s digital world, carrying your physical business card and portfolio seems outdated. QR code generator for realtors helps you keep all your data and contact information in a single place, online. This way, prospective buyers can connect with you instantly, which is essential for building long-term associations.

Every industry needs to keep up with the times and the growing online market demands that real estate also evolves with these developments. QR codes are a great way to create an online catalog and presence for listed properties as well as potential sellers and brokers.

Everything is available at your fingertips at the click of a button. Digitizing the real estate market benefits all the involved parties. 

3) Information availability 24*7

qr code scanner

As a realtor, you cannot personally be available at all times. Hence a QR code becomes a necessity.

Link a comprehensive landing page to your QR with details regarding the property, facilities, location, buyer, and contact details to make information 24*7 accessible. 

This way, buyers and house hunters will be able to access and further share information regarding properties and houses remotely. This could also help from a promotional and marketing perspective to reach out to more target customers.

4) Improved buyer experience

QR codes can enhance the buyer experience by employing video features like a virtual tour.

There is no reason to keep your buyers waiting when they can sit in the comforts of their homes and take a virtual tour in and around the property they wish to visit.

This allows them to view, or rather virtually visit, more properties in lesser time, which leads to faster decision-making and completion of purchase. Properties can also be compared simultaneously on multiple devices for a better comparative view.

5) Receive feedback and improve services

The customer is the king. Collecting feedback and knowing what your prospective buyers think about your services can be a game-changer for your real estate business.

With Feedback QR codes, you can receive instant suggestions and feedback. If they appreciate your services, you can request them to give you a 5-star rating then and there, making your business look more credible and authoritative.

On the contrary, their constructive and critical feedback can be taken positively. Customer experience can be further enhanced, and services can be made more customer-centric. Amendments as per their suggestions can improve customer loyalty and the chances of them returning as future buyers.


QR code generator for realtors can prove to be an effective tool if used correctly. They can significantly boost your sales and establish your business by keeping the buyer’s satisfaction and experience the ultimate priority.

They also help keep up with the advancing market as well as challenge competitors. Taking everything online into the “e-world” is the next necessity to stay relevant and in demand in the current scenario.

It is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way of expanding your customer base and reaching out to younger tech-savvy buyers.

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