The Top 5 Real Estate Markets to Invest in 2017

by Real Estate 06 October 2017

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What makes a certain city a suitable candidate for a real estate investment? Population growth, employment rate, and affordability are certainly the three predominant traits in most of these real-estate heavens. Once you manage to find a market where these three criteria are met, you’ve found the perfect city to aim your investments at.


Several cities on all sides of the U.S meet all of those prerequisites. These are the cities where you can expect to find a rental property that is guaranteed to generate a steady cash flow for a lower price. After that, you can just sit back and enjoy the sight of your equity growing.


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In this article, we give you 5 best cities to invest in real estate in 2017!

San Diego, California

San Diego has held the title of the most profitable real estate market for some years now. With the yields and rents on a steady rise, a rapid growth of population and the increasing rental demand, San Diego is a haven for investors. The value of the real estate has seen a growth of 8% in 2017 and is predicted to grow even more in 2018. Therefore, if you were planning on making an investment in this real estate market, you should do it sooner rather than later. The median property price in San Diego is currently $586 thousand. The Airbnb industry is also generating large amounts of cash as the city is popular with both domestic and foreign tourists.

Dallas, Texas

Another city you should consider as a lucrative investment opportunity in 2017 is Dallas. This comes as no surprise, as the vast metropolis has a lot to offer. The price of real estate is growing faster than in the majority of other US cities. The annual growth rate is around 9%. Dallas is also very affordable, making it a great return on investment opportunity. Airbnb rentals are also a huge source of income for Dallas investors.

Jacksonville, Florida

Ranking right below Dallas, Jacksonville is the leading rental property market in Florida in 2017. The properties have seen an annual growth of 9% in 2017. Despite that, they are undervalued by approximately 8%. The median property price in Jacksonville is $220 thousand, and Airbnb rental incomes are valued at $1090. Occupancy rates for Airbnb rentals are high, with 55.6%.

Seattle, Washington

The home prices in Seattle saw a stunning increase in price in 2016 by as much as 12%. This was the highest price increase in all of the US. The population is very dense and new job opportunities are sprouting, leaving the construction companies unable to meet the high demands for housing or rental properties. The median property price in Seattle is $656 thousand, while a traditional rental income is valued at $2370.

Fort Worth, Texas

The fifth largest city in the state of Texas boasts a strong real estate market due to a steady population influx. Each day nearly 600 people move into the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so the demand for rental properties and housing is high. Therefore, a smart move for any investor would be to swoop in before the prices increase. Fort Worth is also a potentially successful Airbnb market. The median property prices are estimated at $344 thousand.


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