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by Real Estate 26 July 2023


Los Angeles is a city that has always captured the imagination of people worldwide. Home to Hollywood, the world’s entertainment capital, landmarks like Santa Monica Pier, the Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are just a few of the sights in the city.

And you could call all this home if you choose to move there. Keep reading below to see how you could make a move to LA more than just a dream.

How to live in LA?

As we mentioned above, Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and it offers endless opportunities for work and play.

Whether you choose to study, work, or just want to move to broaden your horizons, picking LA as your city of choice to move to will certainly only open more doors and opportunities for you, and it is one of the best cities in the world to live in.

Of course, aside from the exciting planning of what you can do there and where you can eat, the other essential thing is to actively search for homes for rent in Los Angeles. While the initial cost of LA might dissuade you, we’re here to reassure you that there are plenty of economical solutions for you to look into, so don’t give up on your LA dream just yet!

Co-living solutions

Co-living solutions

One way living in LA can become much more economical is by looking into co-living, which is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people who want to live in LA without breaking the bank.

It is a living arrangement where people share living space with others, usually in a house or an apartment that is designed explicitly for co-living, and we think you’ll benefit greatly from this in more ways than just one.


Of course, one of the biggest and most significant advantages of co-living is that it can be much more affordable than renting an apartment entirely on your own, where you do not only have to look at rent but also utilities and other living costs.

Sharing a living space with others, even if it’s just with one other person, allows you to split the cost of rent, utilities, and other expenses. Co-living can be a great way to save money while enjoying all the city offers.


As we mentioned before, you definitely get more than what you bargained for when it comes to co-living, all in ways that benefit you.

The sense of community that co-living provides and the diversity of people that you can meet and live with means that it automatically unlocks built-in social opportunities, and you can share experiences and support each other.

Furthermore, with LA being a melting pot of different cultures and people that influence everything in the city, from its food to its art, you’re bound to find people from your own backgrounds and be introduced to some new cultures.

Whether you’re new to the city or perhaps you just haven’t been able to socialize much since arriving, co-living provides a natural opportunity for you to mingle with people that you haven’t before, allowing you to explore different parts of LA together, and extending your social circle out further.

LA offers a unique lifestyle that is hard to replicate anywhere else, and co-living is one of the best ways to explore this.


We mentioned before how much more affordable LA becomes when you rent an apartment with someone, but aside from splitting bills and rent, there’s also the advantage of how convenient it is as well.

Many co-living spaces in LA offer amenities like housekeeping, laundry services, and community events. This can make your life much more convenient, especially with a busy schedule. You can focus on your work or other activities without worrying about household chores or maintenance tasks.

Co-living also means that you can split duties and charges amongst yourselves, meaning that it doesn’t fall to any one person. Having a rota of some kind is a great way to ensure that all tasks get done as needed, but it also feels a lot easier and less time-consuming.

Endless locations

With literally the entirety of LA available for you to live in, you might be pleased to know that many co-living spaces in LA are located in trendy neighborhoods that are close to all the entertainment, shopping, and dining options you could want.

This can be a great way to experience the city’s vibrant culture and nightlife without traveling far from home. Imagine visiting the Griffith Observatory whenever you wanted, simply because it was within walking distance.

And, of course, living with other people means that you’re more likely to make spontaneous plans and follow through with them, and with so much to do in LA both during the day and the night, the possibilities are pretty endless.

Ready to move?

If that hasn’t convinced you to get a flatmate (or two), then we don’t know what will! Co-living is an excellent solution to rent in LA while keeping it economical, community-oriented, and convenient.

With so many co-living spaces in the city, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. Whether you want to move to pursue a particular career, study there, or simply change scenery, co-living in LA will elevate your city experience much further.

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