5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Outdoor Marketing

by Marketing 31 October 2018

Outdoor Marketing

A whopping $7.7 billion revenue. That’s how profitable out-of-home advertising was in 2017. Furthermore, that increase represents an almost eight-year consecutive growth in OOH advertising.

What may surprise you even more is that large tech companies were among the top OOH ad spenders. Of these tech firms, Apple spent the most (McDonald’s was the biggest spender). Google ranked fifth and Amazon sixth.

These show how OOH and outdoor marketing still play a crucial role in marketing. If they didn’t, then these giant companies wouldn’t have wasted their time or money on them.

That doesn’t mean any kind of outdoor ad will already guarantee customers for your business. You still need to ensure they work for and not against you.

Keep reading to learn exactly how!

1. Location, Location, Location:

Real estate isn’t the only sector that benefits from a great location. Place your outdoor advertising media on areas that a get a lot of traffic, and you can reap higher returns. The more people who get to see your ads, the more effective your ad campaigns will be.

Pro Tip: Catch the attention of passersby with a well-designed custom street sign. Remember, your signage only has about five seconds to leave an impact on viewers. That’s why proper placement and engaging design are keys to effective outdoor ads.

2. Make It Simple and Straightforward:

People who travel, whether as motorists or commuters, have little time to look at outdoor ads. This then gives you a very small window of opportunity to market your brand.

As such, it’s vital that you keep your marketing messages simple and straightforward. One idea per ad is what you want. If you make the message too complex, it’s unlikely people will absorb what you’re trying to say.

3. Give Your Outdoor Marketing a Lift:

Speaking of travel times, did you know that U.S. motorists drove a total of 3.22 trillion miles back in 2016? Or that on average, commuters spend 52.2 minutes on the road?

So, why not take this as a branding opportunity? Outdoor media in the form of car wraps can make for effective mobile advertising. Take advantage of traffic and give motorists and commuters something nice to look at.

4. Go for Inventive, Interactive, and Shareable Outdoor Advertising Concepts:

Have you seen those KitKat benches (especially the rocking ones)? That’s one perfect example of rocking (haha) and interactive outdoor ad concept.

Our point is, outdoor ads can provide a fun and engaging experience to consumers. They don’t always have to be stuff that people can only look at. If people interact with your ads and have fun with it, they’re likely to tell others about you.

That’s shareable advertising right there.

5. Take a Page Out of Your Competition’s Outdoor Advertising Book:

Competitive intelligence (AKA knowing your competitors) is important to keep your business open. FYI, as many as nine in 10 large companies have their own market intelligence team.

For starters, because it gives you insights on what they’re doing that works. Second, knowing what they’re doing that doesn’t work will let you avoid the same mistakes.

So, use this strategy when coming up with your outdoor advertising campaign. Look at what your competitors are using and then improve upon those that work for them.

Make Your Cash Register Ring More with These Effective Outdoor Ads:

Outdoor marketing is essential for businesses, period. Best of all, they’re far less expensive than in-home ads. That makes them great for businesses with a tight marketing budget.

Just make sure you follow the tips above to raise your chances of getting greater ROI. Also, make sure you balance them with other strategies, such as online advertising.

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