4 Effective Advertising Tips for Camping Stores

by Advertising 03 May 2018

Effective Advertising

John Wannamaker, the nineteen-century retailer, reportedly said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Whether you are a small or large business this isn’t good enough. Effective advertising is about ensuring every advertising dollar is working hard for your business.

Check out these 4 effective advertising tips for promoting your camping store.

What Is Effective Advertising?

Effective advertising is communication that enhances your sales by engaging customers and motivating them to buy your products.

The advertising can help you win new customers, increase sales from existing customers, publicise in-store promotions and support price premiums.

1. Keep It Simple :

Robert Fleege the advertising guru said, “An ad is finished only when you no longer can find a single element to remove.” Keeping it simple is surprisingly difficult to do. You love your business and your products so it’s hard to leave stuff out.

Your customers need simplicity. Impact comes with a clear, simple messaging. You only have a few seconds to make a connection with your customer.

Use straightforward language. Don’t try to communicate complex details or concepts. Short and simple does the trick.

Images can very quickly communicate your message. Just think about how the McDonalds arches quickly and simply communicate the McDonalds brand.

Camping lends itself to photography of the great outdoors and to fun with family and friends.

The reasons why people camp is your connection to them. Use good quality images making this association in your advertising.

2. Right Place :

Would it be a good investment for a thrift store to advertise their clothes in Vogue magazine?

There may be some thrifty shoppers who also read Vogue magazine but the high-end buyer is not the same person as the typical thrift store customer. Find the right place for your advertising.

Do research to identify where your target customer hangs out. For billboards, get the location right. For social media, get connected with camping groups or families.

Collaborate with the outdoor community including camping sites, SUV dealers, and fishing retailers.

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3. Communicate Your Brand :

When you have so little time to get a message across to a potential customer it is not possible to show all your great product range.

You have to communicate an idea that suggests to the prospective customer that they should visit your store or browse your website. To achieve this you need to establish a brand.

This idea of who you are and what you are about can be a symbol, a slogan or an image. Keep it consistent and make it memorable. More than anything live up to your brand.

Use your brand in advertising, in-store, and everywhere. Get a logo, develop a tagline message, and stay consistent over time.

4. Measure It :

If you don’t measure it, you’re not managing it. Monitor your advertising effectiveness to find out what impact your advertising dollars are having. Learn from your mistakes and successes.

For internet marketing, you can use analytical tools. For press and flyers use returnable coupons to measure the impact. Ask customers if they have seen the advertising and what they remember from it.

Feedback is vital to assess whether advertising is working for you. Marketers sometimes say that only half the advertising works but they don’t know which half. Don’t spend your money on advertising if you don’t know that it is beneficial for your business.

Go For It :

With these initial ideas, you can start your effective marketing campaign. Monitor your progress and learn more about what messages, media, and locations work for you.

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