Brochures in arms: why brochures are crucial for marketing purposes

by Advertising 03 February 2021

During a time where everything is digital, companies are spending more of their budget on top-class marketers that specialize in paid online advertisement, fighting to get likes and views on social media, and stressing over email marketing. While it’s not in vain, for example about 49% of the world’s population has a social media account, it can make it harder for businesses to cut through the noise.

With so much pressure for companies to create a digital presence, you may be wondering what the need is for brochures… The truth is, brochures are still very much an integral part of your marketing that you should be taking advantage of.

Brochures help capture the attention of potential customers, by having a tangible company message that customers can reference at any time. If that’s not enough, brochures also give you the opportunity to finesse something different from the competition.

Why put all your resources into digital marketing like everyone else? Branch out and see what brochures can do for you and your business growth!

Focused Approach

In printed advertisements, your business is often competing for space with other businesses in your area or sector. Not only that, you are limited to a certain word count, a certain size of advert, and placement within a publication.

By creating a brochure solely for your company, you can focus entirely on your own business offerings. You will also be capturing the individual attention of all potential customers, not competing for their time on a page filled with other company adverts.


This is especially helpful to small companies or start-ups that don’t have a huge budget to spend on marketing, especially in the current climate. Printing brochures is usually very cost-friendly, with discounts often being offered for bulk ordering and for repeat customers. Not only will you be facing less competition than you would online, but it’s also often cheaper than paying an online marketer!

What’s more, it’s really simple to get your hands on a quality book binding machine from a reputable company like Duplo International. Flexible and able to cater to your every need, you can be dynamic with your capabilities and achieve a higher premium and long-lasting finish to brochures.

Target Audience

You can ultimately choose where your brochures are distributed, meaning you can better tailor your approach to your target audience. The language you use in your brochure can be descriptive, making sure to appeal to your target audience directly and they are easily distributed at shows, fairs, and exhibitions where your audience will be.


Marketing brochures are among the most versatile tools you can use to inform customers of your products or services. It is a vital piece of literature that can be tailored to be timeless. If you have a secure company message and services, customers can keep your brochures for a long time and constantly refer back to them at any time.

They can also pass your brochure between friends and family, and we all know the recommendation is a wonderful thing in the world of business! A brochure serves as the perfect introduction to your business, showcasing a strong brand identity and personalization.

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