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by Marketing Published on: 02 March 2021 Last Updated on: 03 March 2021

Marketing Copies

Creating a big buzz for our brands requires seductive marketing content to keep the reader hooked. Sales copy plays a critical role in driving traffic and can make up a large part of a marketing strategy. Whether it be SEO for HVAC contractors or for any other sector, knowing how to write good copy is vital. The HVAC industry is incredibly competitive and therefore HVAC businesses need to produce compelling copy to stand out from the crowd. For example, HVAC companies can produce SEO-friendly blog articles and social media posts that explain how to keep a home free from allergens during the spring and summer. Above all, we must know how to sell using words. Let’s take a look at the newest copywriting tactics to captivate attention.

Showstopper Words:

There are certain words we could use to make our sales text stick out. Words like ‘introducing,’ ‘hi-tech,’ ‘soon’, ‘now’, ‘free’, and ‘new’ are attention-grabbing. They trigger responses faster than common words. Naturally, the human brain is quick to notice such words amidst a big block of text when skimming through a page. And when someone stops to check them, they end up grasping the concept around the entire text. Moreover, people are wired to discover novelty. We, therefore, need to leverage the power of the human mind by incorporating powerful words to trigger dopamine release. Normally, people feel persuaded if the information given is not available to just anyone. That is why some phrases create a demand for more information e.g. sneak peek, the truth behind, and secrets.

Fascinating Stories:

Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating marketing content that stands out. It makes it easier to memorize a brand name or product. For instance, big-name companies have a way of telling the development stages of their products. They go ahead to involve clients who have used the products and put their testimonials on blogs. Stories make the audience visualize a commodity- how it feels or solves a particular problem. Picturing the usefulness of a gadget is one step away from making a purchasing decision. There are many ways to tell a story e.g. how the product name was born; challenges we have overcome in creating a product, or the testing process. And that is how we make a marketing copy memorable by helping the reader visualize something.

Features as Problem Solvers:

Features as Problem Solvers

Stating features and specs is good but these are just hard facts. The last thing we want is to bore the audience with tech jargon and a dull list of specifications. Instead, businesses should try to engage readers by convincing them how the features of their products and services solve their problems. For example, installing an HVAC system can make a home more comfortable no matter what the season. Producing an SEO-friendly blog post to explain this would be a useful marketing tactic for HVAC businesses. Above all, people are very keen to hear about immediate solutions to their problems. We should therefore not only list the features but also explain the solution they offer.

Short and Broken Sentences:

We love readable content and so do our prospects. The easiest way to improve readability is using short sentence structures (below 12 words). Sales copy is a bit different from academic writing in the sense that it must be very easy to read. Internet users don’t like to struggle with grasping the main message. As such, we must incorporate shorter sentences as opposed to long spiritless statements. Starting with conjunctions like ‘But’, ‘And’, ‘Though’ is okay for web content. The idea also improves the rhythm of the text. In some cases, one-word sentences suffice when we need to emphasize particular qualities. If we have to use long sentences, we should try to make them as simple as possible so that they are easy to read.

Social Proof:

The first place we run to when not sure about a product is a review platform. We want to see what other consumers are saying about a product or service. Similarly, social proof influences the purchasing decision of our readers. Confirmation builds trust and drives how people view our brand. Still, we can convince them to perceive our business differently by adding content pieces like testimonials, reviews, and quotes.

It is never too late to start writing persuasive sales copy. Whether you work in a competitive sector like the HVAC industry and are looking for new ways to reach your customers through digital marketing, or you are just ready to try something new, writing compelling copy is crucial. It takes several techniques to turn visitors into customers though. Great marketing copy represents the final product. So it involves more than just repeating keywords or adding call-to-action buttons after every paragraph. As stated before, we want to engage the audience so our blog posts can rank high on SERPs. Most importantly, we want to trigger action from readers including the doubters. No matter what your current project, always try to remain relevant to your brand image.

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