Why Small Businesses Must Rely On Content Marketing

by Marketing Published on: 27 June 2017 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

Content marketing

The way Google has highlighted the importance of content in SEO and keeps on doing it, content marketing is no more a choice but a necessity. Any online marketing campaign has to include content marketing in its agenda regardless the size of business.  For business start-ups, it is perhaps even more important to embrace content marketing because it gives them the toehold they desperately look for in establishing their online identity.  Start-ups face the daunting task of taking on other brands that have established its identity and better placed to gain visibility to showcase their products and services as superior. It is too much a crowded place on the internet and competing in the crowded industry as a newcomer needs courage and conviction to do the right things from the beginning.


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Make the right move


The primary target of any new business is to project the brand in a way so that people will look upon it as equal to other known brands. Once you achieve it, which is the minimum requirement, you can move on to prove the superiority of the brand. The biggest handicap that you face is the lack of brand equity. New business does not have any brand equity, and you must build it first through the marketing campaign before you can think about finding a place among the established brands. To do it, you must apply the right marketing technique, and there is none better than content marketing that can help to build the brand equity while giving broad exposure. Continue reading to know the reasons why content marketing is a must for business startups.


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Be credible to your audience


Creating an online identity is just the beginning, and the primary task is to establish the credibility of your business to the target audience. This is the first step towards building brand equity because unless the public thinks that your business is trustworthy, there is no way you can gain equity for the brand. The first hurdle that you have to cross is to increase visibility by cutting through the barriers of ad blockers.   About 70 million people in the US are using ad blockers because they detest the outrageous claims of brands and selling through promotional messages that convey no value.

For gaining the attention of the audience by cutting through the chaos, you can ride on the plank of content marketing for establishing your credibility. Position yourself as an official information provider that the audience finds valuable. People will then consider you as a significant player in your industry segment. Use blogs effectively to feed the audience with information that meets their expectation regarding quality and adds value to their experience.


Elaborate on your value proposition


Once you are trustworthy to your audience as a valuable and reliable source of information, you must try to engage very closely with the public. The elements of content marketing, which is a part of SEO services packages, allow you to participate in elaborate communication with the audience as you can use long-form content to establish the superiority of your products and services. You can even use infographics, videos and white papers to tell your audience how they can benefit from your brand.


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Pose as a problem solver when communicating with the public so that you can answer their concerns and explain how your product or service can meet their expectations. The more you can interact with the audience successfully, better it will be for you to drive home the value proposition and the benefits associated with your business.


Generate traffic – focus on SEO


If the choice is between advertising and search engine optimization, the latter gets all the votes due to its enormous powers of making your brand visible online. Unless your brand is highly visible, how will you think about building credibility?  For online marketing, SEO is still the most useful tool to give the returns that you seek from marketing and with content marketing accompanying it, the duo can work wonders for you in driving high traffic to your website.


Long tail keywords help to gain prominence in searches and content such as blogs are ideal for using long tail keywords that the audience frequently searches. Create appropriate content with proper keywords so that your search rankings improve and you find a place on the top of the search results so that more traffic reaches your website.


Build relationship with the audience


Do not expect that those who consume your content will become customers very soon. There are high possibilities created that you have to nurture and drive in the right direction so that the audience, who know you well, finds reasons to become your customer. It is a gradual process in content marketing, and you must plan methodically to convert leads into sales.  By giving constant exposure to your content and brand for quite some time and serving the audience with the content they look for, you can develop customers from the public. Make the audience content hungry with appropriate free content and get closer to them for serving high-quality content by signing them up. This builds a relationship that ultimately leads to conversions.


Create the foundation for digital marketing


Content marketing is not a standalone package that can fulfill the goals of marketing by itself. Use the package in collaboration with your digital marketing campaign and provides the foundation on which you can base the entire marketing plan.  You can propagate the content through the social media and other online channels to widen the exposure that helps to garner more attention. You can shift content between various online platforms where your business has a presence to gain more mileage.


Small business needs cost effective marketing options, and content marketing is perhaps the most lucrative choice because it only needs a clear understanding and sincere efforts to get the results that will make you smile.


Mashum Mollah is the feature writer of Search Engine Magazine and an SEO Analyst at Real Wealth Business. Over the last 3 years, He has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 50+ businesses of all sizes. He is the co-founder of Social Media Magazine.

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