Best Blogger Outreach Strategies for Start-ups & SME’s

by Startups 19 May 2020

Blogger Outreach

That digital marketing is the key to gain an advantage for your brand is something that most businesses are slowly becoming aware of. Blogs are in demand and getting bloggers to verify the credibility of your brand is what we know as Blogger outreach. A start-up or small business needs a decent push for their product to be able to be successful. If you are wondering too about blogger outreach here we share with you 5 strategies that are going to be extremely fruitful.

Choosing influential bloggers:

It goes without saying that the blogger you choose would decide the image that your brand projects. An influential blogger would have a huge fan following who is going to listen to what he has to say. Prepare an excel file with details of the bloggers who are working in that niche. Next, write details of their social media following and the authority of your website. Sort the bloggers on the basis of this information and target only those who you think can fit the bill. Blogger outreach services can help you do so in a very organized manner. Trust SEOOutreachers to take care of your blogger outreach program and find out the best ways to derive the maximum benefit out of it.

Divide the bloggers into different groups:

It is obvious that all bloggers would not be falling in the same category. While some are more successful others have a better niche following. Divide each of them on the basis of their popularity and the domain authority. Target each one of them with a different mail as they would have a different way of getting their work done. Plus also check the kind of comments they are racing and whether their blogs are being updated on a regular basis or not.

Grab their attention:

You will have to convince the blogger that you are one of the well-wishers and want to have an association with him. To do so you may share their content on your social media pages. Start by commenting on their blogs and try and show that you also have good knowledge about that topic. Let them know if they have any broken links and send an email to forge a relationship by sharing blogs.

Reaching out to the blogger:

This is probably the most difficult task and requires planning and patience. You would have to draft an email through which you may reveal your intentions of posting a blog on their website. It takes time for any blogger to actually revert so you would have to be patient with the wait. Also, you should be able to show to him why your blog is going to add value to his website, and then only he may consider giving you a chance.

Nurture the bond:

Once the relationship has been started it is up to you to decide how to proceed further. You should send him a thank-you email or use any other ways to return the favor. Ask them the best means to communicate with them so that you can in the future have friendly conversations with them. If they are not interested you must also be ok with not pestering them as that could impact your professional rapport too.


Blogger outreach is a sure-shot way for any small business to bringing their brand in the limelight. The credibility and trust shown by a reputed blogger are sufficient to get customers to believe in you. However, if following these strategies proves difficult then get in touch with SEO Outreachers as they know various ways to tap the potential of blogger outreach. With their suggestions, your brand is going to get noticed and you would be achieving the success that you want.

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