The 2 Best Ways To Lower Your Facebook Ads CPC

by social media 18 October 2022

Facebook Ads

One of the most effective ways to grow a brand or small business is to use social media. You can create a loyal fan base that loves what your brand is about.

One of the most effective ways to use social media is to run some Facebook ads. It is highly effective at targeting the exact people that will respond best to your brand. The one problem is that it can be very expensive.

When you have things dialed in then you can lower your Cost Per Click (CPC) considerably and get a very high ROI. Whether you are trying to grow your business page or getting people to your e-commerce store then this is a good way to do it without spending a fortune.

Ways To Lower Facebook Ads CPC

In this article, we will go over some tips to help you keep those CPC costs down when using the Facebook ad template.

1 – Watch the relevance score

In an ideal world, you will only have people clicking your ad that are there to make a purchase or take further action so you can grow your business. Unfortunately, there are people who have no intention of doing anything that will benefit you and click the ad out of curiosity. Usually, the ad was not relevant to the person who clicked for no reason.

This is why Facebook will give you a relevance score so you can understand if the audience you are targeting is going to give you a decent ROI or not. A low score indicates that your ad content or targeting is not going to get you a very good ROI and will need to have some changes made.

relevance score

Start with the targeting and see if you can narrow your focus to the right audience. If you rework things and see a better relevancy score which is resulting in better ad performance then you know it was the audience that was the problem.

Try changing the content of the ads if your relevancy is still low and see what happens then. Certain types of ads work better than others for a certain audience type. You may get a higher score by changing an image ad to a video one, for instance.

2 – Run split-testing campaigns

You can’t really know if you are getting the best ROI from an ad unless you run some tests. Doing A/B split tests is the most effective way to determine if an ad is performing well or not since you have something to compare it to.

Have two different styles of ad for the same campaign and run them both. An example would be to have the same image, but different text for each of the ads and see which one gets the best CTR.


Then, make another change by taking the one with the best metrics and changing the image to see if it works even better.

This will lower your costs since you will have an ad at the end that is doing well and costs less for the CPC.


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