Easy And Effective Tips To Get Instagram Verification Badge

by social media 07 January 2022

Instagram Verification Badge

Obtaining the Instagram verification badge is not an easy task, and you cannot accomplish it without expert tips and guidelines. Getting the Instagram verification badge feels like an important thing to get the best out of your Instagram account and be among the special group of people with verified accounts.

Here are a few easy tips to prepare your Instagram account for verification if you do not want to buy Instagram verification badge.

1. Diligently Follow the Rules

Instagram has clearly stated terms of use and community regulations that you must take seriously.These rules and regulations are a fundamental part of the Instagram platform. And flouting these rules could result in being banned or your Instagram account being deleted.

Posting links to other social media accounts is unprofessional advertising, even if the other social media accounts belong to you. It is advisable not to post links and URLs to other media platforms on your bio. However, links to a personal website are acceptable.

2. Complete Your Profile

An incomplete profile does not seem like a serious profile. Fill in your details to all the blanks on your profile, write a captivating bio that describes you and what your Instagram account is about. Upload an official picture as your profile picture and make at least one post. These details are important parts of the criteria for getting verified on Instagram.

Also, being real and notable is one of the most important criteria for getting verified on Instagram. To be worthy of the Instagram verification badge, you have to be notable and newsworthy.

During the process of completing your profile, your Instagram account must be set by you to the public to have the slightest chance of getting verified. Instagram cannot verify any private or locked account, and if a verified account is set to private or locked, the account runs the risk of losing its verification.

Although Instagram does not have such a rule stated in its terms of verification that you need a specific number of followers to qualify for verification, but to be notable, you need to have a substantial number of followers. Get real followers that interact with you and your posts regularly.

3. Request for Verification

After completing the six steps mentioned earlier and being confident in your chances of getting verified, it is time to submit your application for an Instagram verification badge. The best time to apply for verification is when you are in the spotlight or a news release.

It is important to note that while filling your application form for the Instagram verification badge, you should provide real and accurate information.Once the system detects an irregularity, your application will be rejected.

4. If Rejected, Apply Again

If the reply you got is negative, do not be discouraged.Fill up the application form and try again. Keep trying till you get your Instagram account verified.

Final Thoughts

These guidelines have been tested and found to be effective if followed correctly. The verification system differs according to the account applying.But if you meet all the requirements and follow the above steps diligently, you can be rest assured Instagram will verify your Instagram account. Some users want to buy Instagram verification badge, which is against Instagram’s recommendation. It is not only illegal; it is not at all possible.

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